Naagin 6 13th November 2022 Written Update: Anmol’s conspiracy is revealed

Naagin 6 13th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rudra telling Prathna that their relationship is ended. He takes Anmol to the stage for their engagement. Prathna gets hurt. Anmol and Rudra exchange rings. Rudra tells Anmol that he is going to meet his mom at the hospital. Anmol accompanies him. Prathna collapses on the floor. Pratha feels bad seeing Prathna’s state. Everyone leaves. Urvashi and Pathali mock Pratha and Prathna’s state. Prathna says she won’t leave them. Pratha stops her. Later Prathna asks Pratha why Rudra misunderstood her. Pratha says you have to make Rudra realize that you’re innocent by collecting proof against Rudra’s parents as I know you to love him. Prathna tells her why she attacked Sanjana. Pratha says they have to expose the culprit. Prathna promises her mom that she will expose the person who attacked Rishabh tonight.

Pratha and Prathna change themselves like Rishabh and roams in the house. Pratha goes to Urvashi’s room. He asks if they saw Pratha. Urvashi and Pathali get tensed. Urvashi asks when he comes out from the coma. Rishabh says it’s miracle and I have to tell Pratha who attacked me. He leaves. Patali asks Tara to warn their member. Urvashi calls someone and warns the person who attacked Rishabh. Pratha hears it. She informs Prathna that their plan is working. Prathna changes like Rishabh. Someone tries to attack Rishabh. He stops that person. That person runs from there. Prathna follows her and learns it’s Anmol. Anmol says you can’t be fine this soon as I attacked you deeply. It’s shown how Anmol stabbed Rishabh. Prathna shifts to her original form. She slaps Anmol for attacking Rishabh. She takes Anmol in front of Pratha and tells Pratha that Anmol is the one who attacked Rishabh. Pratha doesn’t believe Prathna’s words and tells her that Anmol can never do it. Prathna shows the knife as proof and asks Pratha to trust her. Anmol pleads with Pratha to trust her. Pratha says Anmol can never do it and tells Anmol that she trusts her. Anmol hugs her.

Anmol takes the knife from Prathna and tries to attack Pratha but Prathna stops her in time. Pratha gets shocked. Anmol says I learn your conspiracy Pratha Rishabh Gujral. Patali comes there. It’s shown how Patali told Anmol that she is from their clan and they changed them in childhood to save her. Patali reveals to Pratha and Prathna that Professor is the son of Seema but he changed for Prathna and Anmol has danger from Naagins that’s why we kept her with you and removed Professor from our way when he is going against us. Anmol says she is happy to support her great-grandmother. Patali says she made them fall in her conspiracy. She says we waited until Prathna become Shesh Naagin. Pratha confronts Anmol about how can she attack Rishabh who loves her so much. Anmol says you can kill me as punishment.

Pratha slaps her. Anmol pushes Pratha. Prathna threatens to kill Anmol and she holds Anmol turning to her Naagin form. Anmol reveals to Prathna their truck will kill Rudra if she harms her. Prathna leaves her. Anmol asks if she wants to kill her or wants to save Rudra. Prathna says don’t forget that I’m Shesh Naagin and I can kill you at this instance and can save my dad and Rudra too. Prathna calls out her Naagmani. Her Naagmani doesn’t come out. She gets hurt when she tries to hit Anmol. Prathna thinks why her powers are not working. Anmol says real naagmani is not with you and that’s why your powers are not working and real Naagmani is there. Pratha and Prathna get shocked. Anmol says it’s my conspiracy and when you guys are busy in Mansa puja, I stole the real Naagmani and swapped it with a fake one. Pratha says she won’t let them take the Naagmani. She tries to go to Naagmani. Anmol stops Pratha and warns her that they will kill Rishabh if they try to take Naagmani. Anmol says they can’t harm them when they are in place of Naagmani. Pratha requests Anmol to tell her where is Rishabh. Urvashi says you guys will never know about Rishabh’s location but you will your place. They oust Pratha and Prathna from Gujral’s house. Anmol mocks them saying they can’t save their husbands and closes the door in their faces. Pratha breaks down. Prathna comforts her.

Pratha says they don’t know where is Rishabh and we can’t even attack them as they won’t come out from the house and we can’t attack in the house because of Naagmani. She says she lost Anmol. Prathna says she is inauspicious and runs from there in tears saying she will never show her face to her. Pratha follows her. Some car hits Prathna. Driver cones out but he didn’t see anyone. Pratha takes Prathna before he comes out. Pratha cries seeing the injured Prathna. She asks Prathna to open her eyes. Pratha sees an anklet in Prathna’s bag. She sees her grandmother and thinks she has to unveil the secrets of Anklets. She makes Prathna wear both anklets. Prathna receives new energy and she gets healed. Prathna gains consciousness and asks Pratha how she got fine. Pratha says it’s because of your great grandmother Anklets. She says some secrets are hidden from us and your great Grandmother wants you to take her revenge. Prathna says she can’t take any revenge. Pratha says we have to do it and see our enemy’s face. They close their eyes and see Urvashi, Pathali, Anmol, Neman, and Rudra’s parents. Prathna asks how can they take this revenge as they can’t kill them inside the house because of Naagmani. Pratha says we won’t kill them and they will kill each other.

Episode ends.

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