Naagin 6 14th January 2023 Written Update: Seema rescues Mehek

Naagin 6 14th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Seema learning Shesha’s identity truth using the platter of truth. She realises Shesha is helping Prathna to take revenge on her and Mehek. She decides to teach a lesson to them. Friends of Raghu tease him and ask him to make them meet his wife. Raghu thinks about Prathna’s condition. Prathna comes there and introduces herself as Raghu’s wife. Friends of Raghu ask Prathna to join them for lunch. Prathna joins them. They make Raghu and Prathna sit near each other and take selfies. They leave after dinner. Raghu thanks Prathna for managing the situation. Prathna says it’s fine. Prathna gets freshened up. She comes in front of the mirror and recalls how Raghu and Rudra filled her hair partition with sindoor. Shesha comes there and tells her it’s better to move on from the past. She gives prasad and asks her to accept Raghu as her husband. Prathna says her heart is not accepting. Shesha says your heart is accepting that’s why you fulfilled your responsibility as his wife in front of his friends. Prathna wears her mangalsutra and says now her aim is her revenge. They leave to take Anklets from Mehek.

Seema and her people reach the place where Mehek is caged. They kill Naagins and take Mehek with them. Latter Shesha and Prathna find all the snakes dead and Mehek has escaped. Prathna sees one Naagin us struggling for life. She asks her what happened. Naagins tells her how Seema and Rakshas’ team attacked them. She leaves her last breath. Prathna sees a warning message on the wall and asks why Mehek is behind these 9 germs. Shesha tells that Mehek’s motive is not only to become young but something else too.

Shesha makes Mehek feel better and tells her that it’s time for them to achieve their motive. Seema tells they can hurt Prathna by hurting her near ones. Kids discuss they are orphans and Ahlawat family may not like their long stay. Raghu hears it. He calls a lawyer and asks him to arrange for adoption papers. He decides to tell Prathna once the procedure is completed. Seema asks Mehek to take the kids to the place where they thought. Mehek changes herself as a balloon seller and takes kids with her by hypnotizing them. Seema smirks seeing bees. Mehek takes the kids to the jungle.

Prathna and Shesha return home. Prathna realises kids are not at home and senses they are in danger. Shesha asks her to see where are kids using her 3rd eye. Prathna sees Kids are going toward the jungle. She tells Shesha that the kids are in danger and they go to save them. The Ballon seller asks the Kids to not move and signs Seema. Seema releases Madhu makkiyan( Bees). Prathna rescues kids by covering them. Shesha area Madhu makkiyan are reducing Prathna’s power. She challenges the bees to fight with her then the bees go to attack Shesha. Prathna goes to help Shesha. Seema feels disappointed. Prathna and Shesha defeat Bees. They notice Mehek caged kids. Seema comes out and warns Shesha. Shesha answers her back. Seema asks Prathna to save her kids by giving them 9 germs. Prathna agrees and says she kept 9 germs in a safe place. Seema says she will release kids once Mehek gets 9 germs. Prathna takes Mehek with her and shows her germs place. She says to Mehek that she can’t get germs until they release the kids. Mehek calls Seema and asks her to release the kids. Seema releases kids. Mehek goes to 9 germs and they get disappeared. Prathna reveals it’s just a trick and 9 germs are inside her. The magical room mirror shows her reflection which makes fun of her. Prathna asks Mehek to give her anklets. Mehek refuses. Prathna attacks her feet and gets anklets. Mehek falls on the floor in her old state Shesha comes out.

Seema waits for Mehek. Mehek in her old state meets Seema and reveals her how Shesha and Prathna defeated her. Mehek requests Seema to get her anklets in 24 hours to save her. Prathna and Shesha reach Naagmahal. Prathna returns the anklets to her great-grandmother and says she will take revenge on Seema first. She says Seema has to die. Seema tells Mehek that she can’t get Anklets from Prathna as she is just human. Seema pushes Mehek and leaves in her car. Kids discuss they did wrong by going with an unknown man. They say they can’t stay in Ahlawat mansion for long too. Ahlawat asks them to not think in that way and he makes them eat Pizzas. Prathna returns home and feels happy seeing kids enjoying with Raghu. Kids see Prathna and rushes to her. They bring Prathna and make her sit with Raghu. They ask Prathna to make Raghu eat pizza with her hand. Prathna feeds him pizza. She asks the kids to sleep. They leave to their room. Prathna thanks Raghu for taking care of the kids. She tells him very soon she leaves with the Kids searching for shelter as she doesn’t want them to be a burden on him. Raghu reveals to her his plan of adopting kids. Prathna gets surprised.

Episode ends.

Precap – Seema thinks she can’t fight with Prathna alone and she releases new Naagin.

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