Naagin 6 15th January 2023 Written Update: Prathna foils Seema’s plan

Naagin 6 15th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Seema performing a sacrifice. Rakhshas clan people ask what’s she doing. Seema says she is calling some Rakshas for her help. She calls Rakshas. Rakshas comes there and asks why she called him. Seema says she needs his support to defeat Shesh Naahgin. He asks what he will get if he helps her. Seema says he will get 5 kids as his food. He asks her if she has a plan. Seema says yes and tells him about her plan. Prathna asks Raghu why he wants to adopt kids. Raghu says he wants kids to live a good life like him and reveals to her he is an orphan too at one time. Prathna signs the documents and thanks him for fulfilling his duty as a husband. Raghu says he is not expecting anything from her and tells her no need for thanks and sorry between them. He leaves. Prathna recalls Shesha’s words to start her life with Prathna.

Shesha takes Prathna to Naagmahal. Prathna asks why she brings her here. Shesha says today is Makar Sankranti and you became Maha Shesh Naagin by having 9 germs so you have to save them from the wrong hands so you have to do the ritual in front of Shiv ji. Prathna says she will do the ritual after taking her revenge on Seema and Mehek may fall unconscious as she doesn’t have Anklets. Mehek struggles to make up from the ground.

Raghu gets hurt while playing with the kids. He notices his blood is different. Sonia, Gautham, and the Kids ask Raghu where is Prathna and tells him that they know that he adopted them to impress Prathna. Prathna returns home. Kids go to her and ask where she went. Prathna says she went to the temple with Shesha. Gautham says to Prathna that Raghu loves her. Kids ask Prathna to get ready for kite completion. Vinay receives the call and gets to know that shoot is not happening as they didn’t get models. Vinay requests Raghu and Prathna to do the shoot for their couple’s collection. They agree.

During the shoot, Raghu makes Prathna wear the jewellery. Prathna makes him wear the ring. After the shoot, Prathna removes her jewelry but Raghu doesn’t remove his ring. Prathna is about to tie her hair. Raghu tells her she looks beautiful in open hair. She leaves it. Later Prathna and Raghu join other family members for the Sankranthi celebration. Shesha and Vinay ask them to join for kite competition. Shesha asks if they are scared. Raghu says my wife is strong and doesn’t get scared of anyone. Prathna feels touched. They join the kite competition. Prathna and Raghu have cute moments. Shesha smiles seeing them. Raghu gets hurt again because of the kite thread. Prathna notices his blood color is blue. Raghu says it’s normal and leaves. Seema shows Prathna to Rakshas. Rakshas turns himself into a bull and goes toward the Kids. Prathna sees the bull and thinks about how to save them. She asks Raghu to take the kids. Raghu and others leave taking the kids. Prathna changes to her Naagin form and hits him. Rakshas changes to his original form. Prathna says she realised seeing him that he is not a normal ox. He creates many ox forms and asks her to find the real one. Shesha tells Prathna that she can find the real one. She sees Seema and goes to teach her a lesson. Seema tries to escape from there. Raghu notices Prathna is missing and goes to find her. Prathna surrounds Rakshas and phrases him.

Shesha catches Seema. Seema requests her to not take Yamini’s revenge on her and says she is innocent. She asks Shesha to become her friend. Shesha asks her to stop her drama and says she came to kill her. She catches Seema with her tail. Shesha sees Raghu is going to Prathna’s side. Shesha leaves Seema and goes to stop Raghu from seeing Prathna’s real state. Seema thinks she is dead. Vinay goes to Seema. Seema realizes she is alive and goes with Vinay. Shesha diverts Raghu and takes him with her. Prathna asks Shiv ji to give her the power to kill the Rakshas. Prathna receives Trishul. She kills Asur/demon using the trishul.

Raghu asks Shesha where is Prathna, you said she is searching for me. Prathna says she is here only. Raghu feels happy seeing her and hugs her. Raghu takes Prathna with him in the car. On the way, Prathna sees Mehek on the road. Prathna tells Raghu that she will drop the old lady aside. Prathna takes Mehek aside. Mehek asks for water. Prathna arranges a water pot for her. Mehek drinks drops of water falling from the pot and says Prathna will regret soon. Prathna returns home and notices Seema distributing sweets to kids. Kids go to Prathna and show her the laddoos they got. Seema says she will get them more from the kitchen. Prathna goes to the kitchen with Seema and warns her. She tells Seema that she won’t forgive her. Seema says she doesn’t want her forgiveness and tells her that she mixed poison in laddoos. Prathna rushes to hall and stops everyone from eating laddo saying it’s poisoned laddos. Seema acts and says she didn’t mix any poison. Prathna says I saw rat poison near ladders so I stopped kids and it was not your mistake. Seema hugs her and tells her it’s a war between them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prathna performs a ritual said to her by Shesha. She places her 9 germs in front of Shiv ji and senses something is wrong is happening.