Naagin 6 15th May 2022 Written Update: Bunnu saves Nevla from Pratha’s trap

Naagin 6 15th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raynaksh stopping the car and asking her to tell him the place. Chanda tells she will tell him. Seema calls Raynaksh and asks if he reached the place. Raynaksh says he reached the place. He tells her that he won’t give her Amrit Kalash easily. Pratha gets water for her and asks if she gets shocked. Seema breaks the glass and says how Nevla changed his words. Pratha calls Raynaksh and keeps the phone on speaker. She asks if he reach the place. Raynaksh says he reached the place. Pratha asks him to not give Amrit Kalash to anyone. He agrees and disconnects the call. Chanda tells him the location. Raynaksh changes to Mehek. Seema asks how Nevla listened to her. Pratha tells Seema that Mehek trapped Nevla with Dad’s help and she goes with Chanda and we are getting the Amrit Kalash and we will merge it in the Ganga post 4 days. She leaves. Seema thinks she won’t sit silently. She plans to teach Pratha a lesson with her new trap.

Raynaksh calls Bunnu for help. Mehek takes Chanda to the temple and asks her to not worry about Rishabh as he got a good wife. Pratha comes there. She takes Chanda’s blessings. Chanda asks how’s Rishabh. Pratha tells Rishabh is fine. She promises her that she will unite her with her son. Chanda feels happy and thanks, God. Pratha leaves the temple. She protects the temple with her Naag Rekha. Mehek comes there. Pratha tells Mehek that Chanda will be safe until she is inside the protection zone. Mehek says she will take care of it and Raynaksh can’t come here as he is with Baba in the prison.

Bunnu comes to Raynaksh place. He kills snakes and Pratha’s baba then he releases Raynaksh from the trap box. Raynaksh says Bunnu you saved me. Bunnu attacks him. Seema tells Youngsters that they are useless and Pratha is trapping Rishabh with her moves and he is the heir of this property. you guys won’t get anything if he starts listening Pratha. Rishabh gets angry recalling about Chanda. He throws a towel which makes Pratha drop the food. Pratha asks him if he is fine. Rishabh tells he is not fine with the way his dad cheated on his mom. He tells her that he can’t bear the pain of his mother. Pratha promises him that she won’t let anything happen to his mom. Rishabh asks how can she love her mother in law so much. She says because she loves him. Seema says Rishabh is not spending time with you guys as he just care for Pratha. Rehan and Reem and other think it’s true and they think how to remove Pratha from their way. Seema smirks while drinking wine.

Rehan breaks the wine bottle and he tries to attack Samaira. Pratha hears Samaira’s fearful shouts. She comes to their room with Vijay and tells everyone that Rehan is abusing Samaira. Samaira comes there and supports Rehan. Radha scolds Pratha for accusing her son. She warns her to stay away from Rehan. Later Rishabh questions why she called Police without confirmation. Pratha thinks she has to save Samaira. Bunnu asks Nevla to learn how to escape telling he can’t come every time to save him. Raynaksh says he has to find Chanda. Bunnu says, Chanda. Raynaksh asks if he knows her. Bunnu says I’ve known her for years and will tell you later. Raynaksh says he will reach Chanda with her saree cloth smell. Bunnu asks Nevla to come with him but Nevla denies and tells him he has to help Seema.

The next day, Pratha gifts scent to Rishabh and apologises to him for last night’s behavior. Rishabh asks her to be careful telling he is going to Surat. Rehan leaves with Rishabh. Nevla reaches Chanda’s place but he can’t enter inside because of Naag Rekha. Chanda in her sleep says she has to be away from Bunnu as he is not good. Mehek asks her to not go anywhere and goes to inform Pratha about Bunnu. On the way, Rehan notices Rishabh falls unconscious after having a spiked drink. He stops the bus. Seema asks Pratha to accompany her to the temple. Nevla plans to make Chanda comes out from protection. He makes sounds like Rishabh is in danger. Chanda goes out. Mehek notices Chanda is missing. Samaira informs her parents that she is coming. She packs her luggage and thinks to leave before Rehan comes to home. Rehan comes back home. He beats Samaira badly for escaping from their place. Chanda comes out from the protection zone. She gets shocked seeing Raynaksh. Raynaksh makes her unconscious and takes her with him.

Pratha returns from the temple. Samaira comes out and tells Pratha that Rehan beat her badly. Seema asks how it’s possible as he went to Surat. Radha says Pratha is changing her daughter in law. Pratha says she won’t bear it anymore. Family members tell Rehan went to Surat with Rishabh on the bus. Samaira tells them how Rehan is abusing her daily. Pratha calls Rishabh and asks him to return home with Rehan. Rehan returns home with Rishabh. Rishabh tells Rehan is with him. Pratha tells she called the cops and they will decide who is wrong. Vijay comes there and asks Samaira how she got hurt. Samaira tells him how Rehan is abusing her. Vikram is about to arrest him. Rishabh stops him telling Rehan is with him. Pratha insists Vijay to arrest Rehan with Samaira’s confession. Vijay arrests Rehan. Rishabh confronts Pratha. Pratha says why Samaira will lie. Radha drinks poison. Everyone feels worried for her and calls Doctor. Rishabh asks Pratha to take back the case. Pratha says Rehan’s perfume smell is coming from Samaira so I’m sure he abused her and I saw someone leaving home. Rishabh tells he will leave her if she goes wrong.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pratha kills Nevla. Rishabh throws out Pratha from the house.

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