Naagin 6 16th July 2022 Written Update: Rehan kills Rhea and hides her dead body

Naagin 6 16th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Urvashi asking Shakti to eat food. Shakti throws food and scolds her for spoiling his imagination. He asks her to send her to him. Urvashi says she sent Mehek to him for suhaagrat. Shakti says he is talking about his dream girl, not Mehek. He asks her to tell him who is she and her name showing his drawing.

Urvashi says Deepika Padukone to escape from him. Shakti warns her to bring her when she comes next time. He dreams of Pratha. Urvashi goes locking the room and she doesn’t notice the vessel outside. Pratha feels something is wrong. Mehek spies on Pratha to know if she becomes Naagin placing earphones in her ear and playing the Naagin music. Pratha dances with Rishabh to stop becoming Naagin. Rem collides with Mehek then her earbuds fall on the floor.

 Mehek couldn’t stay there. She leaves aside and comes to her snake form. Pratha also changes to snake form. Urvashi sees Mehek and stops the music. Rajesh asks Pratha if she is fine. Pratha tells him she is not good after drinking the juice and goes to take a rest. Mehek notices it and thinks Pratha is sick because of her drink not because of Music.

Rehan checks Divya’s phone and notices Vihaan is messaging her. Rhea comes there and notices that he is checking Divya’s phone. She threatens to expose him in front of Divya and her family. Rehan warns her to not do it but she doesn’t listen. Rehan pushes her then her head hits the table edge.

She falls on the floor. Rehan notices she is dead and hides her body in the bathroom. Divya takes Pratha to his room. Pratha goes to wash her face. They shout. Rajesh and Rehan enter inside. They say they got scared seeing Lizard. Rehan thinks where Rhea’s dead body is disappeared.

 Pratha asks them to leave. She washes her face and thinks she behaved like Pratha in front of Rishabh and decides to not forget her revenge. At the party, Rishabh and Pratha see each other and recall their moments. Reem asks Urvashi where is Rhea. Urvashi says Rhea can’t see him getting engaged so don’t call her as I don’t want her to get trapped again.

Mehek asks them to exchange their rings. Rehan and Divya exchange their ring. Vijay comes there. Rishabh asks why he came. Vijay warns them about the serial killer and tells them that he is murdering the people in the way it happened in Ek villain returns and this movie premiere is here so I came to warn you about it so stay alert as anything can happen. Rishabh thanks him for the care.

Pratha thinks she won’t let another girl lose her life. Rajesh asks her to focus on her revenge. Pratha says she can’t let another girl lose her life so she will find him. Rehan tells Ritesh that he killed Rhea and her dead body is missing. Ritesh scolds him. The serial killer kills the bride who cheats on her boyfriend. Pratha comes to a locked room, she notices the bowl and thinks someone is inside.

The next day everyone watches the serial killer news. Rehan tells Ritesh that he will blame the Serial killer for Rhea’s death. He asks Urvashi about Rhea. Urvashi tells him she went outside. Rehan tells her he is concerned for her. Media people cover the premier news. Reem asks Rishabh to make her meet Arjun Kapoor.

Vijay comes there and warns them to be careful of the serial killer as he is influenced by this movie and he may do something in the premier. Rishabh sees someone and follows that masked man and is about to beat him. That man stops him and removes his mask. That person is revealed as Arjun Kapoor.

 Urvashi calls Rhea. She says to Reem that doesn’t know where Rhea went, she is not answering calls too. Rishabh calls Rajesh and Pratha. He makes them meet Arjun Kapoor. Rajesh asks about the movie. Arjun says it’s one sided love that evokes villains in us when we get cheated and it’s tough to know who’s the villain in this movie.

Divya asks Rehan about Rhea. He avoids her. Arjun asks Pratha if she ever experienced heartbreak? Pratha sees Rishabh. She tells him that she got cheated on in college. Rishabh says he faced betrayal and deceit in love. Pratha asks really?

 Rishabh says yes and I can understand the pain of it. Arjun and Rajesh go aside. Rishabh and Pratha stare at each other. Rajesh brings popcorn and asks Pratha, can they go to watch the movie premiere. Pratha joins him. Urvashi feels tensed for Rhea. She complains to Vijay about Rhea missing. Vijay asks when she saw Rhea last time. Urvashi says she saw him with Rehan.

Vijay goes to talk with Rehan but he escapes from there. Rehan gets shocked seeing Rhea’s dead body on his way. Rhea wakes up which shocks Rehan. Rhea changes to a snake and names him unconscious. Vijay finds him. They have him with them. Snake signs Pratha that her work is done. Pratha thinks her second step of revenge is going to begin.

Episode ends.

Precap – Zain plans to use their Gorrilla as a weapon to face Shesh Naagin.

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