Naagin 6 17th July 2022 Written Update: Pratha saves Rishabh

Naagin 6 17th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Urvashi sprinkles water on Rehan’s face. Rehan gains consciousness. Vijay asks why he fell unconscious. Rehan says someone attacked him, Rhe. Urvashi asks if it’s Rhea? Where is she? Rehan says he didn’t know about her. Rhea comes there and tells her mom that she has just returned from her outing with friends. Rehan asks Rhea didn’t she come to his room last night? Rhea asks if he is mad. Rehan goes to Mehek and asks if she is playing with him.

Mehek asks what’s he saying. Arjun hears the sounds. He says seems like Tara is here. Reem flirts with Arjun and takes selfies with him. The serial killer who wears a mask tries to kidnap Tara who is in a mask. Arjun saves her in time and handles him to the police. Vijay tries to remove his mask but he escapes by spraying pepper spray. The serial killer kidnaps Pratha who wears the mask of Tara. Pratha thinks she did it intentionally. The serial killer kidnaps Pratha. Rishabh sees him taking Kiara with him.

On the way, Pratha tells the serial killer that she is not unfaithful. The serial killer tries to attack her. Rishabh stops him and fights with him. The serial killer says he is killing unfaithful girls. Rishabh says I understand your pain as the girl whom I love left me for another person but your way is wrong.

Pratha thinks about why he is saying this in this way. She thinks she can’t come in Naagin form in front of Rishabh. The serial killer stabs Rishabh in the back. Rishabh collapses on the floor. Pratha changes to her Naagin form and attacks the serial killer.  The serial killer jumps from the cliff. Pratha takes Rishabh home using her wind power.

Doctor asks Pratha to get the things he prescribed. Pratha calls someone. Rajesh and Divya give them to her. Rajesh asks why she called him from Premiere? You want to kill him as your revenge then why do you want to save him? You love him again, isn’t it? Pratha says no. Rajesh asks why she saved him. Pratha says she wants to kill him by herself.

Rajesh asks her to kill Rishabh first as he is the reason for all her pain. Pratha agrees. The doctor leaves telling Rishabh is out of danger. Pratha says he is still in danger. Rajesh leaves. Divya confronts him for his overprotectiveness toward Pratha? She says you never see any girl but your eyes are not leaving Pratha and it’s like you’re loving her and don’t know what happens if Pratha learns what help Jwala did to us.

Mehek and Urvashi come to Zain’s place to have dinner. Zain asks them about land. Urvashi is surprised to see so much food. She assures him he will get it soon. They get shocked hearing the sound of some animal. Zain men bring the people who are supporting India. Zain asks them to eat food at his party. They enjoy the food items. One man says he is feeding us food so sacrifice us and he brings him from changistan.

Zain asks his men to bring his friend. He says last time Shesh Naagin failed our plan but this time she can’t do anything as I have Yati who can kill Shesh Naagin. Gorilla Yeti comes there. Men shout that they love India. Mehek tells Urvashi that she will leave as Yeti may kill her first. Urvashi asks her to not become darpok. Yeti kills people in front of him by attacking them. Mehek says why Yeti didn’t attack her. Zain says Yeti can sense Shesh Naagin with smell and he will kill her if she comes around him.

Pratha in her Naagin form enters Rishabh’s room. Zain tells Mehek and Urvashi that Yeti is waiting to kill Shesh Naagin. He asks them to finish his work in 15 days and leaves with his men telling them that he will return that time from Changistan. Mehek asks Urvashi if her powers are reducing as Yeti didn’t realise she is Shesh Naagin. Rishabh drinks wine seeing Pratha’s photo. Pratha sees a couple globe she gifted to Rishabh and recalls their moments in tears. Pratha tries to attack him but she stops herself from hearing the sound. She leaves. Mehek enters the room. Rishabh says Pratha. Mehek asks till then he chants Pratha’s name? Rishabh tells her he is unable to remove Pratha from his thoughts.

Rehan in his drunken state sees multiple Rhea’s. Rhea asks him to stop his madness. Pratha thinks about why she failed to kill Rishabh. She prays Shiv Ji to remove Rishabh from her heart. Naagin tells Pratha that Rehan is feeling he killed Rhea but he doesn’t know he attacked me so it’s the correct time to kill him. Pratha says she is going to attack Rishabh, not Rehan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chief tells Rishabh about their meeting spot. Pratha thinks it’s Naagmahal and I won’t let them occupy it. She sends snakes to the party.

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