Naagin 6 21st August 2022 Written Update: Pratha and Rishabh reunite

Naagin 6 21st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mehek tying Rishabh to a chair with Zain men’s help. Ministers participate in the summit. Urvashi comes to Mehek’s place and informs her that Pratha is alive and she killed terrorist groups. Mehek says Rishabh is alive too like Pratha. She says she won’t let them stop her. Rishabh gains consciousness and learns Pratha is alive. Pratha tries to alert people to leave from there but the police ask her to not create any scene. Pratha finds Mehek’s location with her power. Mehek asks Rishabh to kill people by doing their work. Rishabh denies.

Mehek threatens to kill his daughter if he didn’t agree to do her work. Rishabh thinks about whom he has to save. He stands up agreeing with Mehek. She sends him by giving bombs. Zain praises Mehek’s intelligence. Pratha is about to attack Mehek. Mehek stops her and asks her to save her country. Pratha asks her about her plan. Mehek reveals that someone near to her and one who loves his nation is going to be the traitor in 15 days. Pratha comes out and sees Rishabh who is going by covering himself in a shawl. Pratha feels happy and understands why Takshak didn’t grant her wish. She thinks Mehek may using Rishabh as a pawn in her plan.

Pratha runs to him but she sees Vijay in place of Rishabh. She asks him where is Rishabh. Vijay tells her how Rishabh went to save his nation asking him to take care of her and their daughter. Pratha thinks Mehek might trap him. She thinks about how to save Rishabh. Zain tells Mehek that time is over but Rishabh didn’t do his work so we need to use our next plan. Mehek applies something to her hand and releases Yeti so he attacks everyone except her. Rishabh kills Zain’s men. Zain hides from Rishabh. People get scared seeing Yeti. Yeti kills Reem. People run from Yeti. Rishabh catches Zain. Yeti is about to attack people but Pratha comes in between. She chants the Om Namah Shivaya mantra and she stops everyone’s movement along with Yeti. She changes Yeti’s direction. Rishabh aims the gun at Zain. Zain threatens to blast the place if he harms him. Rishabh looks on. Pratha follows Yeti. She kills Yeti using Trishul. Ministers learn Yeti is creating havoc.

Zain escapes from Rishabh. He activates the bomb in the cave. Rishabh catches Zain. Zain tells him that his country’s people and ministers are going to be dead. Chief and ministers get info that the bomb is activated in the near place to attack them. They get shocked. Rishabh kills Zain. He prays Shiv Ji to help him. He runs out taking the bomb and alerts everyone to go outside. He throws the time bomb far and saves his people. Bomb explodes. Pratha comes there. Rishabh and Pratha walk toward each other and they reunite again hugging each other. They express their love for each other.

Rishabh says he heard Yeti came here. Pratha says Yeti is dead but our country is still in danger because of Mehek. Rishabh tells he will search for her. Pratha says Mehek betrayed me so I will search her for my answers. She asks him to go to the meeting room. Pratha asks Mehek to come out but Mehek didn’t come out from her hiding spot. Pratha recalls Shesh Naag’s words that Shesh Naag Rani has to come out when Naagin calls her for their justice. She calls Shesh Naag Rani to come in front of her. Mehek looks worried.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pratha asks Mehek to give her justice being Shesh Naag rani. Mehek gets stabbed and falls off the clip saying that she is giving her pain before her death. Pratha fails to hold Mehek.

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