Naagin 6 24th July 2022 Written Update: Rishabh learns Pratha is innocent

Naagin 6 24th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Reem asking Ritesh to handle the baby saying she is unable to handle her. Pratha announces to everyone that today she is going to marry Rajesh. Reem and Rishabh feel disappointed. Urvashi congratulates them and asks how can they arrange for immediate marriage. Rajesh says don’t worry as my aunty is arranging arrangements for marriage in the haveli.

 Later Urvashi asks Mehek to manage others and she goes with Reem to give 2 days of food to Shakti. They give him food. Jwala calls Pratha and asks her about marriage. Pratha tells her it’s fake marriage. Shakti sees Pratha when Urvashi locking the door and shouts Deepika. Reem thinks about why he is calling Kiara as Deepika. Urvashi hides keys but Reem takes them. Urvashi sends Pratha. Reem gets to know Deepika is the dream girl of Shakti. Reem understood that Kiara is Shakti’s dream girl and she decides to use Shakti to stop the marriage of Kiara so she can get Rajesh.  She tells her mom that she will come later after her nail spa is done.

Reem informs Shakti about Kiara’s marriage. He shouts in frustration. Reem tells him the venue location and asks him to stop the marriage. Rajesh and Pratha bring Rishabh and his family to the haveli they are getting married. Rishabh tells it’s beautiful haveli. Pratha thinks he doesn’t know that he came here to die. Divya asks Rajesh if they know the real story of the haveli. Rajesh tells her no one knows it.

Rajesh makes them meet his aunt. Rajesh takes Pratha with him to show her the bride’s room. Rishabh stares at them. Meheh holds his hand. He imagines Pratha with him. He removes Mehek’s hand realizing it’s her. Reem goes to Haveli and waits for Shakti. Shakti tells his drawing that he is coming to get her.

Rehan asks Divya to show their haveli to him. Mehek praises the haveli look. Urvashi says Shakti is alone and doesn’t know what he might do. Mehek asks her to not spoil her mood by taking Shakti’s name. Shakti comes out of the building. Mehendi of Pratha/Kiara gets started. Rehan and others perform. Pratha thinks about her moments with Rishabh. Mehendi artist asks Pratha about her would be husband’s name. Pratha says Rishabh. Another side Rishabh drinks wine. Mehek asks him to join her. Rishabh tells her he will join her later. Mehendi artist tells Pratha that she wrote Rishabh’s name. Pratha gets shocked and asks why she wrote his name. Mehendi artist says you told me. Pratha goes and washes his name. She thinks today she is going to kill Rishabh. She asks a Mehendi artist to cover Rishabh’s name and write Raj’s name. Mehendi artist does it.

Shakti goes to the store to purchase a wedding dress. He chooses one dress after many trials. The manager asks him to lay the bill. Shakti leaves beating him. Everyone in the haveli is busy with their dance performances Shakti asks the cab driver to take him to Deepika’s wedding. The cab driver says she is married to Ranveer. Shakti beats him and leaves taking his cab. Their people record it.

At the party, Naagin signs Pratha that she will do her work. Vijay receives a video of Shakti. He thinks how can an army officer can do in this way? He goes to arrest Rishabh but learns they went to haveli for marriage. Rehan sees Vivaan and tells him that he will kill her. Vivaan says he is already dead. Rehan notices he is dead and runs from there. Rishabh sees him and follows him.

Rehan goes to the police station assuming Naagin can’t enter the station. But they refuse to keep him in the station. Rishabh asks Rehan why he came to the station. Rehan says I did two murders and Pratha is innocent. Rishabh asks what’s he saying. Rehan realizes what he doing. He says he said in a drunken state and tells him that they can return to Haveli.

Pratha tells Gauri about her plan of killing Rishabh. Mehek sees Vijay at the party and asks why he came. Vijay tells her he came to arrest Rishabh. Mehek asks what Rishabh did. Vijay shows her the video. Mehek realizes it’s Shakti and thinks about how he got escaped from his room? She requests Vijay to not create any scene at the haveli and she swears on his love for her.

 Vijay says you’re like a Naagin and I regret loving a lady like you and you didn’t even care for your sister Pratha who is innocent. Rishabh overhears everything. Vijay says Pratha loves Rishabh but you cheated her and married Rishabh.

Mehek says she deserves it and she asks him to get out. Vijay sees Rishabh. He attends the call of Jwala. Jwala asks Vijay to leave the mansion as something big is going to happen in the haveli. Vijay agrees and leaves. Rishabh asks Mehek why Vijay cane. She says nothing and leaves. Rishabh recalls everything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pratha gets ready for marriage. Rishabh thinks he couldn’t understand his love and lost it. Pratha gets married to Rajesh. A fire accident takes place and one of the pillars falls on Rishabh. Pratha does her grah Pravesh. Police come there and tell them that some accident happened and someone died, ask them to complete the marriage rituals and they take the body from another side of the mandap. Rajesh tells Pratha that her revenge is completed. Pratha shouts in tears that Rishabh is innocent and is now dead and it’s the conspiracy was laid by those two clever women.

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