Naagin 6 26th November 2022 Written Update: Pratha and Prathna meet Kaaliya Naag

Naagin 6 26th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Takshak asking Pratha and Prathna to meet Kaaliya Naag to know about the Anklets. He warns them that it’s tough to bear the anger of Kaaliya Naag and whoever wakes him up will turn ashes so be careful and he knows what’s next chapter in Prathna’s life. Prathna says you’re Takshak and you have the life book of Shesh Naagin. Takshak says the next part of the book is with Kaaliya Naag. Pratha and Prathna decide to go to Paatal lok to get their answers.

Prathna thinks about her marriage with Rudra. Prateeksha comes there and meets her friend Prathna. They talk about their life. Anmol, Siyali, Rudra, and others come out. Rudra says his parents didn’t come out. Rithwik comes out and tells them that a major accident happened on the other side of the cave. Rudra runs inside for his parents. Fire brigade people remove stones from dead bodies. They show things they got near bodies. Rudra identifies them and collapses on the floor. Anmol notices an earring that does not belong to Sanjana. She shows it to Rudra. Rudra sees it in anger. He calls Prathna and asks her to meet him. Prathna rushes to meet him. Rudra aims the gun at Prathna and asks why she killed his parents. Anmol says she is the killer. Prathna tries to talk but he shows her the earring they got in the cave. Prathna thinks about how to tell him that she is Naagin and his parent’s traitors. Rudra shoots Prathna. Pratha freezes time. She scolds Prathna for giving her life. She asks Prathna to erase the memory of Anmol and Rudra using her Shesh Naagin power. Prathna erases their memory and leaves with Pratha. Anmol and Rudra come to reality and thinks about what happened.

Pratha brings Prathna and tells her that they have other responsibilities. Prathna says she is tired and unable to see hate for her in Rudra’s eyes. Pratha tells Prathna that Rudra will get to know the truth soon and she tells her that they can’t forget their responsibilities. Pratha tells Prathna that she will go to Paatal lok for answers. Prathna says she will come along with her and it’s her responsibility as Shesh Naagin. Pratha says there is a way from NaagMahal. Prathna takes her anklets and leaves with Pratha.

Anmol tells Urvashi how she and Rudra landed in an unknown place without their knowledge. Urvashi says Pratha and Prathna are behind us. She sees Patali and asks her to tell them an idea to escape from Naagins. Patali says they need to find anklets and offer them to Singika then we will get a boon.

Pratha and Prathna open the secret door of Paatal lok. Patali asks Anmol to come with her for Patal’s lok. Anmol asks how can she leave Rudra in this state. Patali says our clan is important to us and tonight you have to meet your clan infront of Singika and you can get those Anklets from Pratha. Anmol doesn’t understand. Patali says we kept you with Pratha from childhood because of this reason and Pratha loves you as her daughter so you need to steal those Anklets and we have only one day left so let’s go to rasatal Lok. Pratha tells Prathna that they have to cross 7lok to reach Paatal lok and Rasatal Lok is dangerous in all. They enter inside. Nevlas attack Pratha and Prathna. Prathna thinks these are magical nevla. She defeats them with her magical power. She cures Pratha too. Pratha says next is Rasatal Lok which belongs to the Patali clan and we have to go without making noise. Prathna agrees. Patali takes Urvashi and Anmol to rasatal lok through the cave way. Anmol shouts in fear. Pratha hears her voice and tells Prathna that she felt Anmol is in danger. Prathna says she is not here. She tells Pratha that this is the place she saw in her dream. Pratha says it’s not a good place. Anklets from Prathna’s hand make some rock angry. They didn’t notice it. Patali enters her lok and feels happy seeing Singika.

Pratha and Prathna reach Patal lok. They see Kaaliya Naag. Patali asks Singika to meet Anmol who is from their clan. Pratha says Kaaliya Naag won’t wake up normally and we have to dance to wake him up. They dance and request Kaaliya Naag to wake up. Patali tells Urvashi and Anmol that she will perform Aarti to Singika then they will get weapons to attack Naagins and using them Anmol will achieve Anklets. Anmol and Urvashi take Aarti. Kaaliya Naag wakes up from his sleep.

Kaaliya Naag asks who has woken him up. He attacks Pratha and Prathna with fire for waking him up. Pratha says Takshak already warned us about his anger and only Krishna’s flute sound can soothe him. They play the flute. Kaalia Naag gets calm down and he asks who are they. They show the Anklets to him and tell him that they want to know about their grandmother’s anklets and Singika. Kaaliya Naag says Naageswari stopped the disaster with these Anklets and now it’s Prathna’s responsibility so you guys need to know about the story. He tells them about the story of Puloma and Kadru. It has shown Puloma comes to Patal lok and she felt jealous seeing Naageswari’s life and assets of Patallok so she made Rakshas against us and took Singika’s help to defeat us and for that she decides to steal 9 Naagmani’s from Rakshak Naag’s of Paatal lok. On another side, Patali gives a weapon to Anmol and prays to Sinigika to help Anmol.

Episode ends.

Precap – Patali asks Singika to show the way to Anmol. Kaaliya Naag notices Anklets are turning red. He asks them to leave keeping Anklets away from Singika. Anmol meets Prathna and backstabs Prathna for anklets. Takshak gets the vibe that something is going wrong.

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