Naagin 6 27th August 2022 Written Update: Shakti fools Pratha by disguising himself as Rishabh

Naagin 6 27th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratha calling Shesh Naag Rani to come infront of her. Mahek comes in front of her with a force. She tells her that she can’t do anything to Naag Rani. Pratha makes her recall their past moments and tells her that she is ready to forgive her if she tells her about her baby. Mehek acts like she is changed and hugs Pratha then she throws Pratha and tells her that she won’t give her any happiness. Pratha says I gave you chance to change but you’re just Naagin and not my sister. Pratha tells that when Shesh Naagin pleads for justice from Shesh Naag Rani, then she has to give her justice. Mehek gets shocked. Pratha creates a fire circle between them and tells her that she can’t cross it until she gets her justice.

Mehek thinks Pratha trapped her using Naaglok rules. She says she will die along with her. Mehek attacks Pratha. Pratha catches her and asks her to tell her about her baby. Mehek denies. Mehek throws a knife at Pratha. Pratha catches it. Mehek stabs herself taking the knife from Pratha and tells Pratha that she is giving her life’s biggest pain before her death by not revealing to her about her daughter. Pratha requests her to tell her about her baby. Mehek falls down the cliff. Pratha shouts Mehek’s name and is about to fall but Rishabh stops her. Pratha in tears tells Rishabh that Mehek is the one who knows about their baby but now how can we find our baby? Rishabh assures her saying they can get their baby like they saved their nation.

Rishabh and Pratha return home. Chanda feels happy seeing them. She hugs them in tears. Anya and her sister join them. Chanda thanks God for returning her son and daughter in law. She sends Anya to get Aarti thali. Chanda performs Aarti to them. She asks where is Mehek. Pratha says Mehek won’t return and she gets her punishment for the sins she committed. Pratha removes the garland from Rishabh’s photo. They go to their room. Pratha forwards the sindoor box to Rishabh. Rishabh applies sindoor in her hair partition and tells her that it’s going to be their new start.

 Pratha says it can’t be until they find their daughter. Rishabh assures her saying Shiv Ji will make them meet their daughter. He asks her to sleep and goes to get water. Rishabh hears some noise. He goes to see it. Pratha comes out searching for Rishabh. She asks what’s he doing here. He asks didn’t she hear any noise. She tells him it might be a sign of a toofan sound. They go to sleep. Mehek comes to Pratha and Rishabh’s room with a baby. Pratha and Rishabh wake up from their sleep. Mehek mocks Pratha asking if she thought she is dead. She catches Rishabh. Pratha comes to her naagin form and fights with Mehek to save Rishabh. Mehek drops her baby.

Pratha wakes up from her sleep. Rishabh asks if she is fine. Pratha reveals to him that she is Shesh Naagin and about her powers. She reveals to him whatever happened in her life. She says it’s up to you whether you want to live with me even after knowing my truth. Rishabh says he wants to live with her as she is his life.

Pratha hugs him happily. She says they need to find her baby. Rishabh says they will find her soon. Pratha asks what if they can’t? He assures her that it won’t happen. He hugs her and thinks you revealed to me that you’re Naagin but I won’t reveal to you that I’m Shakti but you won’t find it. It’s shown how Shakti made Rishabh unconscious and swapped with him when Rishabh went for water.

The next day Shakti locks Rishabh in the dark room where he used to stay. Rishabh asks if he is alive. Shakti says you’re sad seeing me alive and from here onwards you’re going to live like an animal and reveals to him that Pratha is his love. Rishabh slaps him telling him she is his sister in law. Shakti says she is his love and tells him that he will make Pratha have his baby. Rishabh fights with him. Pratha notices Rishabh is not present. She searches for Rishabh. Shakti hides Rishabh before Pratha notices him. Shakti takes Pratha. Rishabh struggles to escape.

Shakti makes Pratha drink spiked juice. He hugs her. Pratha hears the crying sound of Reem’s baby and goes to her. Pratha sleeps with Reem’s baby while making her sleep. Shakti gets angry seeing them. Pratha thinks Reem’s baby is missing her mother and in the same way, my baby misses me. She sees the Mehek phone and calls the number which is dialed by Mehek many times. One man attends the call and tells her that he took the number recently but why they are calling him many times? Pratha asns who called him. He tells her about the orphanage. Pratha goes to the orphanage. Shakti comes to the dining table and asks Chanda about Pratha. Anya says Pratha may go to meet Rajesh. Shakti gets angry.

Pratha feels happy seeing kids in the orphanage. She asks the worker in the orphanage why she calls the number many times. The mother says it’s a number of worker but it got transferred to another person. Pratha tells her that she feels her kidnapped baby is in the orphanage. Mother says many kids come here every day and some go for adoption so it’s tough to find who’s your baby. Shakti sees Rajesh and Pratha’s photo. He gets angry and burns that photo. Pratha confronts Shesh Naag about her baby. Shesh Naag says your baby is alive and no one can kill her as she is going to be Shesh Naagin too and will attain powers with time.

 Pratha says someone adopted my baby and how to find her? Shesh Naag says Shiv will take care of your daughter. Another side worker helps Driver to change the car tire and places Prarthana and Anmol under the shed. Shed flew away. Snake guards those babies. Shakti says he won’t let anyone snatch Pratha from him. Divya hears he is Shakti, not Rishabh. She runs from him and calls Pratha and Rajesh but their phones don’t get connected.

Pratha calls Divya back. Shakti catches Divya. Divya says she is in a problem. The call gets disconnected. Pratha goes to save her. Shakti attacks Divya. Divya falls unconscious. Rajesh comes there and witnesses it. Shakti escapes from there. Aunty assumes Rajesh is a killer. She says if she killed Divya as she killed his wife. Pratha hears everything. Aunty is about to fall. Pratha saves her and thrashes Rajesh. Aunty gains consciousness. Vijay cones there and arrests Rajesh. Vijay says the skeleton in the building is Rajesh’s wife. He goes to Divya and notices she is alive. They take her to the hospital. Pratha returns home and reveals to Chanda whatever happened. Shakti feels happy. Aunty comes to meet Pratha and thanks her for saving her. Pratha asks how is Divya. Aunty says she falls into a coma and tells her that she will shift to some hotel. Pratha asks her to stay in their place. Suhani agrees.

Driver and Nani return home with the babies and discuss one of the babies are lucky that’s why the snake guard both of them and they didn’t fall sick. Shakti makes Pratha drink spiked milk. She tells him that she is worried about their baby. He asks her to not worry. Pratha hugs him. Shakti dreams of romancing her. He comes out of his imagination because of phone ring. Pratha notices it’s aunty’s phone and goes to return it. Suhana attends the call and tells her that her old number is changed. Pratha realizes it’s Suhani’s number. She asks Suhani if she works in an orphanage. Suhani says she does charity. Pratha shows Mehek’s number. Suhani says she remembers it as she brings one baby to me. Pratha says it’s her baby. It’s shown Pratha’s baby doesn’t die in Pratha’s womb because of Shiv Ji’s blessings. Doctor handovers the baby to Urvashi. Urvashi tries to kill the baby but she can’t. Mehek comes there. Urvashi tells Mehek that she is unable to kill the baby. She asks her to kill the baby. Mehek says the baby is like Pratha and this baby might have the power of Shesh Naagin so she needs to be alive. Urvashi asks if she keeps her with her. Mehek says she will leave her at the orphanage and use her when the time comes. She contacts Suhani and handovers the baby to her at the city hospital where I noticed one man is disheartened losing his wife and baby but his baby got life listening to your baby crying then he adopted your baby too and your baby is special.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shesh Naag feels the union of two shesh Naagins and thinks it’s a special day. Pratha learns her daughter is with the professor.

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