Naagin 6 31st July 2022 Written Update: Pratha is shattered learning she was never betrayed by Rishabh

Naagin 6 31st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with fire brigade people bringing out the dead body. Everyone thinks about who it can be. Pratha thinks it’s her last meeting with him and he died so she can take her revenge on others. One man sends Rajesh to finish other marriage rituals. Pratha performs her Grah Pravesh. Police bring the dead body from another side of the mandap. Pratha stares at the dead body in pain. Police ask whose wallet it’s. Mehek recognizes it’s Rishabh’s wallet. Everyone cries. Pratha wants to see him but Divya stops her telling her newly wedded people can’t see the dead body. They take Pratha to perform other rituals. Pratha sees the Police taking a dead body and she in tears recalls her past moments with Rishabh. Vijay tells Mehek that they will hand over the dead body to them after the postmortem. Guests bless Pratha and Rajesh. Pratha can’t stay there and leaves. Divya manages the guest.

Urvashi closes the door and tells Mehek that it’s good Rishabh is dead. Mehek asks why it’s good. Urvashi tells he didn’t love you and glad he went to meet his love as Rishabh would have never loved you even if he is alive and we played such a conspiracy with him and he died without finding that Pratha didn’t cheat him. She says you got what you want so prepare yourself for rona dona and make me get what I wanted. It shows Pratha is with Urvashi like Mehek. Urvashi asks why she looks sad. Mehek says she is fine and leaves. Pratha learns about Rishabh being innocent and runs from there in tears. She collapses in her room and cries for Rishabh.

Rajesh goes to Pratha and asks if she is fine. Rajesh says Rishabh is dead and your revenge is completed. Pratha shouts in tears that Rishabh is innocent and is now dead and it’s the conspiracy was laid by those two clever women and my Rishabh loved me so much and I love him. She leaves. Rajesh drinks wine. Divya asks him what happened. He says Pratha gets to know Rishabh is innocent and she still loves him. Divya asks him to not forget that marriage is fake and he did it to save this haveli. He agrees.

Urvashi warns Shakti to not show his tantrums at her. She locks him again in the room. Mehek acts like crying in front of Rishabh’s body. She says Urvashi till then she needs to act as she is tired and hungry. Urvashi asks why she felt sad the previous day. Mehek says it’s her acting. Urvashi says here all are acting. She shows how Ritesh is eating chips. Shakti sees Pratha coming to their place through the hole. He hits the wall in anger. Rehan tells Ritesh that Vivaan is not attending calls.

Media people come there for Rishabh’s wife’s interview. Mehek sets her lipstick and gives her interview. Pratha comes there and thinks she won’t leave Mehek. Naagin comes to meet Mehek and informs her about Naag Panchami and tells her that Shesh Naagin must come to Naag mahal as Takshak is coming. Pratha hears it. She places a flower bouquet near the body. She cries recalling her moments with Rishabh. She tells him that she will meet him once her revenge is over. Mehek gets ready. Urvashi asks where is she going. Mehek tells her she is going to get her wish fulfilled by Takshak who will come once Shesh Naagin opens the door for him. Urvashi asks how she will leave. Mehek says she will manage. Gujral asks Mehek to participate in the maha mrutyunjai pooja for Rishabh. Mehek tells him she is going to fulfill her manner at the temple for Rishabh by offering milk to snakes. She didn’t listen to him. Pratha thinks she has to participate in the pooja.

Mehek reaches the temple. She thinks to open the door that only Shesh naagin can open. She thinks to make her wish granted by Takshak. She tries to open the door but the door pushes her. Mehek gets confused. She performs tandav to shiv Ji. Then she again tries to open the door but she couldn’t. Pandit calls Rishabh’s wife fir Ahuti. Pratha comes there in Mehek form and performs ahuti. Pratha decides to kill Mehek for snatching her husband and her child from her. Mehek tries to break the door but it won’t get opened then she doubts if she lost her Shesh Naagin powers when Yeti confronted her. Pratha performs Abhishek. She tells Rishabh that she will fulfill her responsibilities in Mehek form. She wears Vibuti and vows to destroy Mehek’s life. She comes to Naagmahal. She says to Shiv Ji that Naag raj has to grant my wish and I will ask my Rishabh back and he has fo grant my wish.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mehek tells Urvashi that she is not Shesh Naagin. Yeti will attack Pratha.

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