Naagin 6 3rd July 2022 Written Update: Pratha saves Rishabh by risking his life

Naagin 6 3rd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mehek and Urvashi discussing Pratha doesn’t know how they made Rishabh against her and we separated them with our clever moves. Urvashi says I become mother India and made Rishabh agree to marry you. Rishabh tells Mehek that he can’t love her and agrees to marry her. Mehek says no one can stop them from ruining the country once they get the land needed for Zain.

Rishabh drinks while thinking about Kiara. He thinks about how to bear Pratha if Kiara is Pratha. Another side, Pratha says she will take revenge on Rishabh for deceiving her and this hunting is just a pretense. Aditya and Pratha take Rishabh and Mehek. Mehek tries to get closer to know if Kiara is Pratha. Pratha doesn’t get affected. Rehan tells Divya he will accompany her in hunting. She denies it and leaves in her vehicle. Rhea asks Rehan to take her but he leaves following Divya. Rhea waits with her Mom.

Rishabh makes Pratha learn how to shoot a gun. Pratha gets affected by his closeness. She says the animal is coming. Pratha says some animal is coming and we can attack it from the back. Rishabh says he is against attacking anyone from the back. Pratha says I thought you are an expert in it. Rishabh says he is not interested in hunting and I came here for Mehek. Mehek thinks about what they are talking.

 Urvashi asks if she is jealous? She asks what will she do if Rishabh falls for Kiara? You can have Shakti and he loves to have Suhaagrat with you. Mehek burns her hand to make her remind what she has to do. They listen to some animal voice. Mehek goes to check. Pratha is about to fall but Rishabh holds her and imagines Pratha in her. Pratha throws him and says the animal is gone.

Mehek sees some animal and thinks to implement her plan to clear her suspicion. She feeds wine to that animal and which wildly runs towards Rishabh’s side after drinking it. Rishabh hides Pratha behind him and aims a gun at the animal. Mehek thinks Kiara will take Naagin’s roop if she is Pratha. Pratha stands in conflict. Animal attacks Rishabh. He falls unconscious. Pratha prays to Lord Shiva to help her. Mehek notices Kiara moves. Pratha hides behind a tree and creates toofani wind with her breath which takes Mehek.

 Pratha comes to her Shesh Naagin form and attacks the animal. Mehek thinks her powers got reduced after her fight with Yeti. She thinks about how this toofan came. She goes back and notices Pratha and Rishabh are unconscious. She smiles seeing the animal is about to attack Pratha. Rajesh shoots that animal. Pratha thanks him and she recalls how she changes herself as Kiara seeing the shadow of Mehek. Mehek thinks she can’t be Pratha and helps Rishabh. Rajesh asks Pratha why she did it as it’s risky for her life. Pratha thinks about why she risked her life for Rishabh? They leave from there.

At home, Rajesh treats Pratha’s wound and asks why she saved Rishabh if she wants to take revenge on him. Pratha says she wants to kill him by herself. Rajesh asks really? Your eyes are saying how much you love him. Pratha in tears recalls Rishabh’s betrayal. Rishabh wakes up saying Pratha. Mehek gives him water and says you’re searching Pratha in Kiara. Rishabh shouts no and leaves breaking the glass. Rishabh drinks wine while recalling his moments with Pratha. Pratha also does the same. She sees people who betrayed her in her eyes and tells Rajesh that she will take her revenge.

Zain calls Urvashi and tells her to name land on his son’s name who’s coming in the next week from London. Urvashi agrees and tells Mehek about it. They come our hearing the voices. Rishabh confronts Rehan about why he proposed to Divya for marriage. Rehan says I proposed while returning from hunting and it’s true that I proposed to her and today she will tell me the answer.

Rhea slaps him for cheating on her. Rishabh asks if he forgets about his reputation? Rehan says he loves Divya and marries her if she accepts his proposal. Divya and Rajesh come there. Rajesh asks how he expected him to give his sister to him knowing his reputation. Urvashi feels worried thinking they don’t get the land because of Rehan. Rajesh says Divya wants to marry you so I’m agreeing to your marriage. It’s shown Divya wants to help Pratha in taking her revenge. Pratha thinks her revenge game is going to start.

Episode ends.

Precap -Pratha decides to punish Rishabh and Mehek for killing her daughter. Mehek asks Pratha to come to her Naagin form. They fight with each other.

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