Naagin 6 5th June 2022 Written Update: Rishabh marries Mehek

Naagin 6 5th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishabh giving his statement which is against Pratha. Pratha shouts whatever happened and tells Rishabh to say the truth. Rishabh tells he is not present at the crime scene and saw everything in CCTV footage that she is stabbing Samaira. The judge announces that Pratha’s crime is proved and gives her a death sentence. Mehek hugs Rishabh to console him. Police take Pratha to jail. The prisoner asks her to meet the other prisoner to know her duties. Pratha sees Jwala. Jwala asks her to serve her to know her duties. Pratha massages her feet. Prisoners mock saying her husband is with her sister and he gave his statement against her. Jwala punishes Pratha to clean the utensils and clothes of 3k prisoners. Pratha is about to eat food but Jwala stops her and asks her to finish her punishment first. Pratha cleans the vessels and clothes recalling Mehek and Rishabh’s betrayal. The old lady gives her some pack. She hides it.

Later old lady collects it from Pratha. Pratha says it’s wrong to steal. Jwala is about to attack her but Pratha stops her. Jwala sees Pratha’s mangalsutra and tries to snatch it but Pratha doesn’t allow her saying it is her love symbol and runs from there. Jwala tells prisoners that she will make the person leader for a day who gets her nuptial chain. Prisoners attack Pratha. She loses her consciousness holding her nuptial chain.

At the hospital, Doctor tells Pratha to be careful and reveals to her that she is pregnant. Pratha feels happy and takes permission to call her husband but his phone doesn’t get connected. Inspector takes Pratha with her. Pratha acts like getting pain. They go to call the doctor. During that time she escapes and leaves home to inform Rishabh about her pregnancy. Rishabh enjoys being with Mehek in the washroom. Pratha gets shocked witnessing their tub romance. Pratha in tears recalls Rishabh’s promises to her. She leaves from there. Mehek hears a sound and asks who came.

Mehek comes out and sees Pratha’s Dad. He asks why she cheated on Pratha. Mehek asks him to not act like her real father. He changes to his snake form. Both fight with each other. She kills him. Inspector informs higher officials about Pratha’s escape and alerts all check posts. That time Pratha returns to the station. Jailor sends her inside. She sees Prisoners beating an old lady. She stops them. Jwala questions who is she to stop them and is about to attack her. Pratha beats them and teaches them a lesson. Later she writes a letter to Rishabh that Mehek lied to him. She watches the news that Rishabh is getting married again. She thinks about what happened to him.

After a few months, Pratha lives happily with the prisoners. Jwala tries to stab Pratha but another prisoner stops her. Pratha sees the newspaper that Rishabh is getting married to Hina Khanna. She faints in the jail. Prisoners surround her. They take her in an ambulance. Pratha’s ambulance couldn’t get way because of Rishabh Bharat. Pratha sees Rishabh through a mirror and cries. Pratha reaches to hospital. Rishabh takes pheras with Mehek/ Hina Khanna. Pratha loses her consciousness and fails to push her baby out. Rishabh gets married to Mehek by applying vermilion. Pratha wakes up and asks for her baby. The doctor tells her she gave birth to a stillborn baby. Pratha cries hugging her baby dead baby. Mehek gets scared seeing a locked room.

The lawyer tells Pratha that Court delayed her death sentence due to her pregnancy but now they finalized her death sentence. Pratha tells she lost her hope to live the life. She goes to Shiv Ji in the hospital and questions why he is punishing his devotee. She tells Shiv Ji that she has to find out why it happened. Inspector tells Pratha that she is going to be hanged soon. Pratha says you decided it then why to live this life. She leaves with the police. Later Police ask her for her last wish. She tells them she doesn’t have any wishes. They take her with them. Prisoners cry for Pratha. Pratha thinks how Rishabh and Mehek cheated on her. A person makes her wear the noose by covering her face with a mask. Inspector signs him to hang her. He does it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mehek wakes up in a shock. Later Yash tells Mehek that she is not chosen for Shesh Naagin. Mehek gets shocked and thinks is it Pratha?

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