Naagin 6 5th November 2022 Written Update: Rishabh held at gunpoint

Naagin 6 5th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol making Rudra drinks the spiked juice. Anmol dances with him but Rudra’s eyes are stuck on Prathna’s back. Spiked juice affects Rudra’s senses, he imagines Prathna in Anmol and dances with her. Anmol’s friends don’t let Prathna see them. Rudra feels dizzy. Anmol takes him to his room. Prathna thinks where are Anmol and Rudra? In the room, Anmol tries to get closer to her. Rudra throws Anmol and asks her why she is behaving in this way with him even after knowing he loves Prathna. Prathna overhears their conversation. Rudra falls unconscious on the bed. Anmol notices Prathna and leaves in tears. Pratha meets Rishabh and asks if he is angry with her. Rishabh says you didn’t trust me that’s why you didn’t reveal the truth to me. Pratha tells him she will reveal all truths to him and reveals everything from the start. Rishabh says Zain is back to ruin the country and he is not dead. Pratha is about to tell him that Prathna is their daughter but he receives a call and leaves urgently by telling Pratha that he still loves her.

Pratha goes to the temple. She prays to Shiv Ji and asks him to save her husband from Shesh Naagin. She performs Tandav. Diya turns off near Shiv Ji. Pratha gets worried. Chanda closes the door. She asks Pratha to take care of her mangalsutra and reminds her about today’s vidhi. Prathna comes there and says today is the day Shiv Ji killed the Asurs so Pratha maa won’t forget the vidhi. Chanda leaves. Pratha asks Prathna to not do any mistakes and tells her that she did one mistake I.e she didn’t go to help Professor when he called her. Prathna says you love your husband more than your country. Pratha says yes I love him and I won’t let you harm him. Prathna smirks and leaves. Rudra presents the saree to Prathna. Prathna tells him she doesn’t know how to wear a saree. Rudra makes her wear the saree. Prathna thinks which face of Rudra is correct. Rudra receives Rishabh’s call and goes to meet him. Anmol gets angry seeing them. Prathna removes the saree and thinks she can’t back out from her revenge.

Anmol returns to her room and breaks things in anger. Urvashi provokes Anmol against Prathna and tells her that her parents are loving Prathna more than her and that’s why they are not thinking about her. Anmol tells her she will do what others can’t imagine. Pratha notices Rishabh us getting ready. She closes the door and reveals to Rishabh that Prathna is Shesh Naagin, not her. Rishabh says it means her life is in danger as Deshdrohi’s are searching fir her. Pratha says there is another truth I.e Prathna is our daughter and I get to know when I went for her marriage and she married Rudra as she wants to take revenge from you and Rudra as she feels you guys are responsible for the professor’s death. She asks him to promise her that he won’t leave the house. He promises her and asks her to promise him that she won’t leave the house. Pratha promises him. She hugs him. Anmol takes Pratha from there. Prathna changes to her form from Rishabh. She thinks she won’t let Rishabh know that she is his daughter. Rishabh receives information from his informer. He thinks Pratha’s life is in danger. He calls her and asks her to not come out of the house. Pratha agrees and she is about to ask him why he called her when he is at home but he disconnects the call. Pratha thinks to see if Rishabh is in the room or not but Anmol takes her saying she has important work. Pratha sees Urvashi in the room. Anmol asks Pratha what they are thinking about her future. She asks them to search alliance for her. Pratha says they will search when the time comes. Anmol asks why she feels she is not their daughter. Pratha warns her to not say it again.

Prathna receives Rudra’s message. She goes to the location sent by Rudra. At that place, the masked man makes her unconscious using the special potion. Then he calls Mr. Raichand and informs him that his work is done. Prathna thinks it’s Rudra and falls unconscious. He takes Prathna to their place and hides her in the box to loot the temple. Mr. Raichand asks Zain how he made Prathna unconscious. Zain recalls how Urvashi helped him by giving potion to her.

At Vasuki temple, Rishabh hears Zain men talk. He calls Pratha and asks if she is fine as Zain men are talking about Shesh Naagin. Pratha says she is fine and asks why he is calling her from his room. Rishabh tells her he is in Vasuki mandir. Pratha goes to Rishabh’s room and realizes she talked to Pratha who comes infront of her like Rishabh. She decides to save her daughter and Husband. Pathali and Urvashi mock her saying she can’t save them.

Zain brings Prathna to the temple. They release her. Prathna attacks them. Zain throws a potion that changes Prathna to her human form. Zain says the powers of Prathna is reduced. They tie Prathna to a tree. Naagmani from Prathna shows the special door. Rishabh notices everything and thinks who’s this Naagin? Ranjeet aims a gun at Rishabh’s head. He reveals to him that Prathna is his daughter and current Shesh Naagin. Mrs. Gujral comes there. Rishabh gets shocked to learn they are traitors. Rishabh realises Prathna is his daughter and this is the truth Pratha wants to tell him. Ranjeet hits Rishabh’s head and makes him unconscious. He says Rishabh needs to see his daughter and country’s destruction.

Pratha rushes to help her daughter and husband. Zain asks his men to start the pooja. They start the pooja. Prathna Naagmani’s light opens the door of treasure. Rishabh gains consciousness. Pratha reaches the temple. She searches for Prathna and Rishabh. Zain and Ranjeet say they won. They enter the treasure room. Zain says they can destroy the country using the treasure. Zain asks his men to shift all treasure to their place. They come out. Zain sees Rishabh struggling to get up. He makes him unconscious again. Later Prathna wakes up and notices they left taking the treasure. She decides to stop them and leaves from there. Pratha comes there. She notices the treasure room is empty and feels she came late. She notices Rishabh there. She goes to him and makes him gain his consciousness. He asks Pratha to save their daughter and tells her that he found that Prathna is their daughter and Shesh Naagin. Pratha agrees. Prathna decides to kill Rudra for betraying her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prathna asks Shiv Ji to take back her powers as she tried to kill her father. Pratha stops Prathna and tells her that their country needs Shesh Naagin. Masked man backstabs Rishabh.

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