Naagin 6 7th August 2022 Written Update: Pratha feels Rishabh is alive

Naagin 6 7th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratha performing Abhishek to Shiv Ji. Takshak thinks he can’t reveal some secrets to Pratha as her story is not yet completed. He tells Naageswari that he can’t tell Pratha who killed her and She is like you and can achieve anything. Shesh Naag asks takshak why didn’t he grant a boon to Pratha. Takshak says she wanted her husband’s life but Rishabh is not dead. Shesh Naag asks why he didn’t tell her.

Takshak says she will know when the time comes and it’s not the correct time for her to know it. Mehek sits in front of Rishabh’s photo. Urvashi tells everyone that Mehek is missing Rishabh on her birthday. Mr. Gujral asks the Lawyer to tell about Rishabh’s will. The lawyer says the property will go to a trust. Mehek says Rishabh named property and money in her name. She shows a video message and will of Rishabh for her. Everyone gets shocked. Rehan says to Ritesh that they didn’t get any share. Ritesh asks Urvashi to talk with Mehek. She denies. Mehek reveals to Urvashi that she recorded a video message using Shakti and I promised him that I will make him meet his Deepika.

Now we can kill him too. Urvashi says it’s good. She asks Mehek to not forget her. Mehek promises to give her share. Urvashi thanks her. Mehek says she is happy to get all property. Rehan says to Ritesh that he will kill Mehek if they don’t get anything. Ritesh says she is Naagin and we need to expose her. Mehek comes there and threatens to kill them if they plan anything against her. Ritesh asks her to kill them if she doesn’t want to give share to them. Mehek tells them Urvashi is stopping her and leaves. She comes out. It’s shown that Pratha fooled them.

Mehek plans to leave the house once she gets the property and she waits for the party. Pratha changes herself like a Rehan and tells Mehek against Urvashi. Pratha changes herself like Reem and tells Urvashi that Mehek is double crossing her by talking to the boys of this house. Pratha thinks to die after taking her revenge. Aunty tells Rajesh that she can’t give property to him as she feels his wife’s attitude is weird and she is not at home. Pratha comes there and tells them that she went to pray at Shiv Ji for their well being. Aunty gets impressed and tells Bride can’t leave out before her Muh Dikayi. She asks Pratha to get ready for it. Rajesh stares at Pratha. Divya asks him to not forget why he married her and the reason behind the haveli.

Urvashi goes to confront Mehek. They fight sure each other. Naagin brings an invitation to Mehek. Mehek reads the invitation and tells Urvashi that Shesh Naag announces Swayamwar and who marries him will get more powers and will get more property than this Gujral. Farishta asks Shesh Naag why he announces his Swayamwar. Shesh Naag says it’s needed for the new chapter and Mehek needs to know she is not Shesh Naagin and Pratha needs to find Rishabh is alive too. He asks Farishta to arrange for his swayamvar. Urvashi says your husband is just dead.

Mehek says she doesn’t care. Pratha reads the invitation and thinks now she will take revenge on Mehek by facing her. Aunty handover the wedding dress to Pratha and asks her to get ready. Rajesh tells she looks good in the red colour. Pratha says colours were snatched from her life with Rishabh’s death. Rajesh requests her to get ready. He leaves. Pratha recalls her moments with Rishabh. She gets ready. Aunty says guests are arriving, why Kiara didn’t come? Rajesh tells he will check. That time Pratha comes there and sits with Rajesh. Pratha thinks about why she feels Rishabh’s alive.

Aunty asks Rajesh to open the veil of Kiara. He unveils her. Aunty asks Rajesh to apply sindoor to Pratha as she came here without it which is inauspicious. Rajesh takes Kumkum’s box. Pratha signs him no. She sees Rishabh there. She takes Kumkum’s box from Rajesh’s hand. She imagines Rishabh applying her. Aunty gives her a gift. She asks Archana to feed sweet to Kiara. Archana asks Rajesh to feed Kiara. He feeds her. Later they pray to god.

Mehek and Urvashi come there with gifts. Pratha thinks how they got reunited. Mehek invites them to her birthday party which she is organizing for her husband. Aunty says it’s jit good to arrange a party as it’s just a week back he died. Pratha says it’s fine as she is saying it’s for her husband. Urvashi takes Mehek aside. She asks her to not cheat her. She tells it’s not good to organise this party. Mehek says it’s needed otherwise Shakti will come out of his room and we need to make him sign like a Rishabh.

Ritesh and Rehan decide to expose Mehek in front of everyone that she is Naagin. Rehan tells they can do it by making moonlight falls on her. Mehek and Urvashi return home. Urvashi warns Mehek to be careful as today is Pournima and you can’t get anything if the guests and officials find you’re Naagin. Mehek tells she will be careful and I will send Kiara to Shakti then he will sign the property papers like Rishabh then I will kill Shakti. Now it’s time for me to get ready for Swayamvar too after the party.

At Party, Mehek dances happily. Urvashi warns her about the moonlight. Mehek says she knows it. She is about to fall but Pratha saves her and warns her to be careful. She hugs her and thinks to take her revenge.

Episode ends.

Precap – Naasika attacks Pratha. Mehek says she will become Shesh Naag Rani.

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