Naagin 6 7th January 2023 Written Update: Prathna rescues Raghu

Naagin 6 7th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathna gaining consciousness. She recalls her past and thinks Mehek is still alive. Mrs. Takral refuses to forgive Raghu and his family. Ananya brings Prathna’s painting done by Raghu to mandap and tells her mom that Raghu loves Prathna and cheated on them. Mrs. Takral says she will ruin the Ahlawat family and leaves with her family. Seema asks Mehek if she is feeling bad for losing the deal.

Mehek says Mrs.Takral is human and I can handle her and my main aim is 9 germs. Vinay scolds Raghu for trying to sacrifice his love for his respect. Prathna comes out and hears it. She recalls her moments with Raghu. Seema sees her. Prathna feels bad about her situation. She goes out and collapses in one place. She tells Shiv ji that she doesn’t want to live. She tries to burn herself by lighting her pyre. Nine snakes come there and stop the pyre. Prathna says she doesn’t want to live. Takshak comes there and tells 9 Naagins are saving their germs and you have to live with this pain. Prathna says Shivji has to give me my loved ones otherwise he has to accept my death and Shivji must come to answer me. She leaves.

Raghu makes Kids eat food. He asks Mehek why Prathna married him. Mehek says maybe Prathna also loves you. Prathna reaches Naagmahal. She does tandav in front of Shiv ji. Prathna’s tears create fire. Takshak sees changes in the weather and tells Naagins that they have to cool Prathna otherwise her anger will ruin the earth.

Mehek celebrates her success with Seema. Seema asks what’s her next plan. Mehek tells Seema that she will snatch 9 germs from Prathna by becoming a friend of her as she doesn’t remember her past. They close the doors seeing the windy weather. Kids feel scared to sleep without Prathna. Raghu goes to them and makes them sleep. Pratha says Prathna. She says I’m back so control your anger. Prathna gets cool down and asks if she is back. Pratha comes in front of Prathna. Prathna hugs her. Takshak senses Prathna’s anger is getting cool down. He says someone came to cool down Prathna’s anger.

Prathna hears the heartbeat of the person she hugged and pushes her. She says you’re not my mom and show me your real face. Shesha says you identified correctly but I’m like your mom. She comes to her real form and asks if won’t she welcome her. Prathna asks who’s she. Shesha says I’m Shesha who’s back to help you to take your revenge. Prathna says she doesn’t want her help and she doesn’t want to take any revenge. Shesha reminds her that she can’t back out from her responsibilities. Prathna recalls how Mehek killed her family. She says she can’t bear the pain. Shesha says you have to take revenge and this time you have to kill your enemies and I will help you in this battle. Prathna vows to kill Mehek and Seema. Shesha says return home and make Mehek believe that you didn’t remember anything and we have to defeat her in her way. Prathna thanks her for showing her the correct way.

Prathna returns home and she sees Raghu sleeping with the kids. She thinks Raghu is good but I can’t trust him as Mehek can hypnotize anyone so I can’t tell him my truth. She covers Raghu with a blanket. Raghu wakes up and asks if she is fine. Prathna says she is fine. She tells him that she can’t go forward in their marriage until she finds out about her past. Raghu agrees. He asks her to take care of the kids and leaves. Later Prathna gets a nightmare that someone tried to kill Raghu. She feels worried. On another side, Mrs. Takral sends Goons inside the Ahlawat shop by asking them to loot all the jewelry in the store. Goons enter the store and try to steal all the jewellery. The guard calls Raghu and informs him about the theft. Raghu is about to leave. Prathna stops him and asks where he going. He tells her whatever happened and leaves. Prathna changes to her snake form and goes to help him.

Raghu reaches the store and thrashes goons. One of the goons shoots Raghu. Prathna freezes the time and makes him shoot his men. Goon tries to shoot Raghu again. Prathna in Snake form bites him and the remaining goons. Raghu thinks the snake came to return his help.

At home, Prathna feeds food to kids. Mehek comes there and tells Prathna that she arranged a surprise party for her. She gives the necklace as a gift from her side. Prathna says she doesn’t remember her past. Mehek tells her she will help her. Mrs. Takral drinks wine in anger. Ananya asks her mom not to lose her control and tells her that she has a plan to destroy Raghu and Prathna’s life. Mrs. Takral hugs her in happiness. Mehek thinks she has to search for a way to get Germs from Prathna. She sees a warning note that she is back written with blood and gets scared seeing Pratha in the wheelchair. Vinay comes there and asks Mehek what happened. Mehek tries to tell him what she saw but there is nothing. Vinay says it’s your illusion so get relaxed. Mehek thinks something is fishy and I need to take germs before Prathna recalls her past.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghu applies Sindoor in Prathna’s maang. Ananya releases a snake at the party which will bite Raghu. Raghu collapses on Prathna.

The episode starts with Raghu dreaming of confessing his love to Prathna. Prathna claps for Raghu and praises his performance. Raghu says it’s from his heart and shows his cut to her. Prathna bandages his hand and tells him that they will return orphanage once he gets married. Raghu tries to stop her. Prathna swears on their friendship and asks him to not stop her. Mehek overhears Prathna’s words and she thinks about how to stop Prathna. Prathna goes to her room. Bunty asks her to wear a saree and gives her a black saree she got from the Naagmahal. Kids force her to wear it. Prathna wears it. Kids praise her look. Prathna sees Pratha’s illusion. Kids make her come out of her illusion. Prathna decides to go to Naagmahal for answers to her questions. She goes to near shops questions if they know her. Some man sees Prathna is enquiring people about her past and he decides to trap her. He tells her he knows her and takes her with him.

Takshak says hopes today Prathna doesn’t land in any trouble as today Prathna’s Naagin form can’t help her. Mehek searches for Prathna and tells Seema that Prathna is nowhere. Mehek anklet gets removed. The kid shouts Chudail and runs with her anklet. Seema goes behind Kid and tries to tell Kid that Mehek didn’t apply makeup. The kid doesn’t believe it. Vinay comes there. Kids ask him to come with her and tell him that Mehek is chudail. Seema throws powder on Mehek to save her. Vinay smiles seeing her and tells the kid that she thought like that because of powder. Mehek takes an anklet from her. Goon makes Prathna unconscious and takes her to their place. He calls his head and asks him to give him a jackpot to get the girl he bought for her. Prathna gains consciousness

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