Naagin 6 9th July 2022 Written Update: Pratha unlocks the closed room

Naagin 6 9th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya announces Divya is agreed to Rehan’s proposal and I don’t have any problem with their marriage. Rhea says it’s unfair. Pratha says she is excited to witness the Indian marriage. Urvashi thinks it’s helpful for her in 2 ways. One is he will be out from my daughter’s life and the second one we can have the land from them. Rishabh tells them marriage is mutual respect between two people. Pratha thinks he says something and does the opposite. Rishabh gives sweets to everyone. Urvashi asks them to stay at their place until the marriage gets done. Rajesh says he needs to attend the premiere of Ek villain and asks them to turn on the tv. Everyone enjoys the trailer.

Rehan on sleep says I’m not interested in you Rhea baby. He wakes up and gets shocked to see Samaira. He runs out. Then he assumes it’s his imagination. He sees Rhea and asks if she is scaring him. Rhea says it’s fear of killers. He runs out. Pratha changes to her real form from Rhea. Pratha saves Rehan and asks him to be careful. He leaves. Pratha thinks it’s time for you to face the fear. He goes to Divya’s room where he sees Samaira. He comes out and notices Divya. She says if he’s fine? He says fine and leaves. Pratha thanks Divya for helping her and tells her that she won’t let her face any problem.

Pratha thinks I reentered the house and this house and people snatched everything from me and it’s the time to snatch everything from them. She sees Rishabh’s photo with Mehek and swears to snatch peace from their life for snatching her daughter from her. Mehek wakes up from her sleep and comes out of the room feeling someone is spying on them. Mehek notices there is no one and returns to the room assuming it’s her dream. Pratha comes out from her hiding place. She hears the sound of chains and goes toward the locked room. Mehek stops her and asks her what is she doing at midnight. Pratha says she is finishing her 10 k steps. She asks about the sounds. Mehek manages to say something. She asks Pratha to come out to walk in the garden. Pratha goes with her to know about the house.

In the garden Pratha talks to Mehek. Mehek says I know you’re Naagin. She catches her in her naagin form. She asks her to come to her naagin form. Pratha shifts to her naagin roop. Mehek says I know you’re alive but don’t worry I will kill you now. She attacks her but it doesn’t affect Pratha. Pratha says you backstabbed me and today I will teach you a lesson. Both fight with each other. Pratha kills Mehek. Mehek shouts in fear. Pratha asks her if she is fine. Mehek comes out of her imagination and thinks she can’t be Pratha. Pratha is about to leave. Mehek asks about the land. Pratha says she is still thinking. She leaves.

Pratha comes near the locked room to know the secret that Mehek is hiding from her. She thinks why she didn’t notice this room till now. She gets the key and opens the lock. She enters inside. The door gets closed. She assumes it got closed because of the wind. She notices the room and thinks it’s empty then shy it’s closed. Shakti notices her and realises she is love of Rishabh and decides to get her.

Reem gets scared seeing cockroaches. Urvashi asks how can he get scared seeing small cockroaches. Zain calls Urvashi. Urvashi tells him they didn’t get confirmation yet. She asks Mehek to make Kiara agree to give that land to them. Pratha comes out from that room. She collides with Rishabh. He helps her to stand. Both recall their moments. Rishabh asks what’s she doing here which is closed. Pratha says normal visit but it’s a closed room full of dust and why can’t you clean it as it’s good to have new ones. Rishabh says he likes old things. She is about to fall but he holds her. He asks her to not come to this corner. She leaves.

Vihan asks Rehan to take money from Divya otherwise betting people will kill him. Rehan agrees. Pratha calls Rehan and asks how’s Divya looking. Rehan says beautiful. Vihan says she looks more good in Lavender color. Divya agrees and tries that one. Rehan looks unhappy. Vihan asks Rehan for money. Rehan refuses to give him for suggesting Divya. They fight with each other. Mehek stops them. Pratha says tonight she is going to take her first revenge.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pratha kills Vihan. Shakti romances Pratha.

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