Naagin 6: Ananya’s evil plan?

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Color TV popular show Naagin 6 is witnessing an interesting track where Shesha returns to help Prathna.
As reported earlier Mrs. Takral announces she will ruin the Ahlawat family and leaves with her family. Mehek says Mrs.Takral is human and I can handle her and my main aim is 9 germs. Vinay scolds Raghu for trying to sacrifice his love for his respect.

Prathna comes out and hears it. She recalls her moments with Raghu. Prathna feels bad about her situation. She goes out and collapses in one place. She tells Shiv ji that she doesn’t want to live. She tries to burn herself by lighting her pyre.

Nine snakes come there and stop the pyre. Prathna says she doesn’t want to live. Takshak comes there and tells 9 Naagins are saving their germs and you have to live with this pain.

Prathna says Shivji has to give me my loved ones otherwise he has to accept my death and Shivji must come to answer me. She leaves.

Raghu makes Kids eat food. He asks Mehek why Prathna married him. Mehek says maybe Prathna also loves you. Prathna reaches Naagmahal. She does tandav in front of Shiv ji. Prathna’s tears create fire. Takshak sees changes in the weather and tells Naagins that they have to cool Prathna otherwise her anger will ruin the earth.

Shesha cools down Prathna by coming like Pratha. Prathna realises she is not her mom when she hugged her. She confronts who’s she. Shesha reveals her identity and reminds her that she can’t back out from her responsibilities. Prathna vows to kill Mehek and Seema.

Shesha says return home and make Mehek believe that you didn’t remember anything and we have to defeat her in her way. Prathna thanks her for showing her the correct way.

Prathna returns home and she sees Raghu sleeping with the kids. She sends him to his room. Later Prathna gets a nightmare that someone tried to kill Raghu. She feels worried. On another side, Mrs. Takral sends Goons inside the Ahlawat shop by asking them to loot all the jewelry in the store.

Goons enter the store and try to steal all the jewellery. The guard calls Raghu and informs him about the theft. Raghu reaches the store and thrashes goons. One of the goons shoots Raghu. Prathna freezes the time and saves him by biting other goons.

Mehek sees warning letter and feels scared. Ananya promises her mom that she will teach a lesson to the Ahlawat family.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Raghu will fill Sindoor in Prathna’s maang. Ananya comes to the reception party holding a box that has a snake. She releases the snake and that Snake bites Raghu and he falls down on Prathna during their dance.

Will Prathna be able to save Raghu? Can Prathna fool Mehek?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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