Naagin 6: Pratha fails to convince Prathna?

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Color TV popular show Naagin 6 is witnessing an interesting track where Urvashi and Pathali provoke Anmol against Prathna.

As reported earlier, Anmol is unhappy with Rudra and Prathna’s marriage. Urvashi and Pathali notice Anmol’s predicament and provoke her to take revenge on Prathna by breaking off her marriage with Rudra. Anmol decides to break Prathna-Rudra’s marriage.

Prathna and Rudra are about to leave the house but Anmol stops them and requests them to stay at their place for 2 more days for the Diwali party. She drops them near their room.

In the room, Prathna and Rudra recall everything. Prathna says I married you for this family but why you didn’t back out from marriage and said you love me.

Rudra says I love you and married you with my wish and I know that you don’t love me and I wait for you to accept this marriage and I agree even if you want to break this marriage. Rudra sleeps on the sofa while reading his diary. Prathna fails to get his diary.

The next day, Rudra meets Rishabh. They discuss about Treasure in Vasuki mandir. Rishabh tells Rudra that they need to visit Vasuki Naag Mandir. Prathna overhears their talk and decides to visit that temple to take her revenge.

Rishabh tells Pratha that he is going to Vasuki mandir to find Shesh Naagin. Pratha thinks to find who are traitors and she asks Rishabh to take her with him.

He denies but she insists him to take her. Prathna also insists Rudra to take her. Everyone goes to the temple and performs the puja.

Urvashi and Pathali go aside. Pathali calls Icchadari Mayuri to kill Pratha and Prathna. Urvashi and Pathali enter the temple along with Ichhadari Shesh Mayuri. Pathali introduces Mayuri as her granddaughter. Mayuri says she will impress Shiv Ji with her dance.

She goes to Shiv Ji’s idol. Her hand touches Pratha and Prathna. They sense wrong vibes from Mayuri. Mayuri starts her performance. Ranchit (Rudra’s father) meets Zain. Zain tells him that Pratha is Shesh Naagin so she can see the door and we have to make her open the door for us.

Pratha notices everyone is busy watching Mayuri’s dance. Pratha goes aside. She turns to Shesh Naagin. Zain observes her. Pratha prays to Shiv Ji to show her the door of treasure. She calls her Naagmani but it doesn’t come out. Pratha thinks about why it’s not coming out. Mayuri comes there.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Prathna will attack Rishabh again. Rishabh will notice Pratha’s face. Pratha will get shocked learning her daughter is Shesh Naagin. She will tell Prathna that Rishabh didn’t kill her dad.

Prathna doesn’t believe Pratha’s words and says Rishabh is guilty so I won’t leave him and he has to bear her anger. Pratha will say hope you won’t burn in your anger, she challenges to protect her husband and her family.

Who is behind the professor’s murder? Can Pratha defeat Mayuri?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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