Naagin 6: Pratha to get married to Rajesh?

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Color TV popular show Naagin 6 is witnessing an interesting track where Rishabh stops the destruction of Naagmahal

As reported earlier, the Chief comes to Rishabh’s place and tells Rishabh that they came to invite him to the inauguration function of the monument as the chief guest which they are going to construct behind Neelgiri mountain.

Rishabh agrees to attend the event with Rajesh. Pratha thinks it’s Naagmahal. Ritesh tells Rishabh that he needs his certificates from the army to get the deal. Rishabh goes to get them. Rajesh asks Pratha why she looks worried.

Pratha says they are going to make the monument at Naagmahal and I can’t let them do it. Rajesh says it’s a good sign to take your revenge so go on and stop the inauguration. Pratha leaves.

While searching for army certificates Rishabh finds 2020 year medical file of Shakti. He thinks about how it happened as Shakti died long back. Everyone reaches near the jungle. Jungle people try to stop them telling them it’s a place of Naagins.

Rishabh doesn’t believe and warns to call the police if they create any scene. They give them way. Everyone enters the Naagmahal.

Naagins ask Shesh Naag to save their Naag mahal. Shesh Naag asks Shesh Naagin to do it. Pratha tells them she will stop it and will take her revenge too. Vishal asks Rishabh to inaugurate it. Rishabh is about to cut the ribbon but Pratha creates toofan.

Everyone gets worried when they couldn’t see anything. Snakes surround them. Everyone feels scared. One snake attacks Rishabh. Urvashi asks Mehek to clear the air. Mehek clears it. Rishabh throws the snake. Pratha tries to attack him.

One person tries to kill the snake but Rishabh stops him and says they are attacking as we are trying to occupy their house. He announces they won’t demolish the Naagmahal. Pratha gets surprised and thinks Rishabh is a puzzle to her.

On the way, Rajesh thinks Pratha can’t kill Rishabh because her love won’t let her do. He goes to his Haveli work dropping Pratha off. Rajesh meets his manager and gets to know Haveli is going to the orphanage.

Rajesh asks won’t they have any way to save it. The manager tells him that he needs to marry to save the haveli. Pratha thinks about Rishabh’s behavior. Rajesh meets Pratha and proposes to marry him.

He tells her t’s a fake wedding drama to get the Haveli of my deceased wife and we have to marry in front of her aunt and you can get a chance to kill Rishabh so help me. Pratha agrees.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Pratha will get ready for marriage. Rishabh will think he couldn’t understand his love and lost it. Pratha will get married to Rajesh. A fire accident will take place and one of the pillars falls on Rishabh.

Pratha will do her grah Pravesh. Police come there and tell them that some accident happened and someone died, ask them to complete the marriage rituals and they take the body from another side of the mandap.

Rajesh will tell Pratha that her revenge is completed. Pratha will shout in tears that Rishabh is innocent and is now dead and it’s the conspiracy was laid by those two clever women.

Can Pratha defeat Yeti? Will Mehek learns Kiara is Pratha?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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