Naagin 6: Pratha to learn Rishabh is innocent?

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Color TV popular show Naagin 6 is witnessing an interesting track where Pratha fails to Kill Rishabh.
As reported earlier, Mehek fools Shakti by changing herself like Pratha.

Urvashi hits Shakti and makes him unconscious. They call Si to take Shakti. Pratha gets ready and comes out of her room. Rishabh stares at her. Both recall their moments with each other. Pratha thinks don’t know whether his love is a blessing or a curse.

Pratha comes downstairs. Rajesh promises Pratha to be with her for a lifetime. Pratha sees Rishabh who is staring at her from the balcony. They sit in the mandap. Urvashi manages SI and at that time Mehek brings Shakti. They take Shakti.

Gowri notices Mehek and others are taking the twin of Rishabh. She realizes they fooled Pratha using the twin of Rishabh. She thinks to inform Pratha. She runs from there. Mehek sees her.

She asks Urvashi and Si to keep Shakti in the van. Gowri thinks she can’t die until she informs the truth to Pratha. Mehek bites her. Gowri falls unconscious.

Pratha waits for Gowri to implement their plan. Si and Urvashi notice the body of Gowri. Si asks her to give him money to manage the murder. Rishabh thinks he failed to understand Pratha’s love.

Gowri gains consciousness. She changes to snake form and goes to inform the truth to Pratha. Pratha and Rajesh perform a pooja. Rishabh stares at her in pain. Pandit asks them to stand for pheras.

Pratha thinks it’s time to implement her plan. She creates smoke in the mandap. She goes to Rishabh’s room but returns realizing she can’t kill him.

Mehek sees Kiara entering mandap. She asks where she went. Pratha tells she has an allergy to smoke that’s why went aside. She sits in the mandap. Pandit asks them to start pheras. Rajesh and Pratha take their pheras. Rishabh witnesses it from the balcony.

He imagines himself with Pratha in the mandap and smiles. He feels sad. He realizes he forgot Pratha’s photo inside. He runs inside for Pratha’s photo. He takes the purse and notices the photo is half burnt. He tries to leave but the pillar falls on him.

Pandit announces marriage is finished. He asks them to take elders’ blessings. Guests notice one of the rooms is getting burned. Everyone rushed upstairs. Urvashi and Mehek ask someone to call the fire brigade as someone is stuck inside.

Gowri who’s in the mandap like Pratha comes to her real form and falls on the ground. Pratha comes there and asks Gowri what happened to her seeing her condition. Gowri signs her two and leaves her last breath.

Pratha cries seeing her. Fire brigade people control the fire and bring out one dead body on the stretcher. Everyone gets shocked.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Police come there and tell them that some accident happened and someone died, ask them to complete the marriage rituals and they take the Rishabh’s body from another side of the mandap.

Urvashi will tell Mehek that Rishabh would have never loved her, though they played such a conspiracy with him. Pratha will learn about Rishabh being innocent and run from there. Rajesh will tell Pratha that her revenge is completed.

Pratha will shout in tears that Rishabh is innocent and is now dead and it’s the conspiracy was laid by those two clever women. She avenges to take revenge on them.

Will Pratha be able to kill her sister? Will Mehek learns Kiara is Pratha?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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