Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 12th February 2020 Written Update: Pinky wins the musical chair competition

Episode begins with all the guests laughs seeing Pinky’s face. Gagan’s mother asks what happened to Pinky’s face? Pinky says she is allergic to peanuts that’s why it happened. She says she took medicine so her face will become normal soon. Gagan’s mother brings her to kitchen and asks her to do first rasoi ritual. She says Pinky can’t take servants help because she doesn’t likes the food made by servants and goes from there.

Pinky gets confused what all her mother in law asked her to make. She calls Nalini and tells about her allergy when Nalini asked why Pinky sounds low. She asks Nalini’s help and Gagan’s mother sees that and deliberately pushes Pinky because of that Pinky’s mobile damaged. Gagan’s mother asks her to just concentrate on cooking.

Dadi scolds Ram for giving punishment to Nalini. Nalini thinks to give medicine to Pinky so using this chance she can meet Pinky but drops the plan thinking Ram won’t like that.Arjun asks his friend that he talked with catering person or not? Arjun friend says Arjun is emotion less and asks him to date someone. Arjun says he have to look after Nandu’s admission for new school and he doesn’t have time for his stupid talks.

Nandu comes there with prize and says she got that because of Pinky. Pinky makes food with the help of Gagan’s laptop. By Pinky’s mistake Gagan’s laptop damaged and Gagan’s mother scolds her for that. Gagan comes to kitchen and he too scolds Pinky and says evening his friends are coming so she should look presentable in front of them.

Arjun’s friend asks treat for Nandu’s victory. Nandu makes fun of Arjun’s cooking and asks him to order food from outside. Nandu says she wants to thank Pinky so she asks him to take her to Pinky. Arjun denies her wish because she is in her mother in law house. Nandu doesn’t let Arjun go outside because he didn’t listened her. Arjun takes his friend with him for work. Nandu decides to meet Pinky.

Gagan’s friends and Megha comes to Gagan’s house. Pinky asks why Megha is here? Gagan says she is his boss so he have to invite her too. Gagan’s friends praises Pinky’s cooking. Megha suggests to play musical chair and the winner will get chance to dance with Gagan. Pinky says she will win. Megha says Gagan isn’t even talking with Pinky then how he will dance with her and challenges her that Pinky will lose to her. Gagan says to Pinky that no one able to defeat Megha in musical chair till now so she need not to participate. Pinky says she will try for sure.

The game begins. Megha once cheated Pinky complaints that to Gagan’s  mother but she says Megha is boss of Gagan so she can’t say anything. Gagan’s mother says if Megha lose the game then she won’t like it. So she plans with Gagan and puts her feet on Pinky’s way so she can slip but Pinky ends up sitting on chair. After winning Pinky asks Gagan to dance with her.

Episode ends.