Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24th February 2020 Written Update: Ram gets to know about Gagan’s affair

Episode begins with Pinky says Gagan so worried now so they should support him and Ram too agrees with her. Gagan reaches Megha’s house and Megha says she missed him so much and he says she can’t blackmail him.

Pinky shows the Gagan’s car to Ram and enquiries about Gagan to Megha’s watchman. When Gagan and Pinky was hugging each other Ram sees that with everyone. Gagan sees them and says he lied to Ram but it’s not like what Ram is thinking Megha only blackmailed him.

Ram slaps Gagan and takes Pinky with him from there. While going Pinky smiles seeing Arjun. Ram reaches his house with Pinky. Gita asks about Gagan. Chachaji tells everything and Gita says it would be misunderstanding. Ram says he needs time to think and will talk to them tomorrow and goes to his room.

Asha taunts Amma and says here Pinky’s marriage breaking and Amma is getting happy with that. Amma says already Pinky tolerating more and no one can understand her now. Pinky tries to talk with Nalini but Ram calls Nalini to their room. Nandu asks why Arjun smiling alone.

Arjun teases her saying he was smiling thinking about Nandu’s face and praises about Pinky to Nandu. Nalini says no one listening her and no one says their decisions too so Pinky tries to convince her. Nalini says no one can understand her pain. Pinky says mothers always lives for others and fails to live for themselves. Nalini says she is so much worried about Pinky.

Pinky asks doesn’t she have any identity without any partner? Nalini says she just wants Pinky and Ram’s happiness because once Pinky’s marriage brokes it will affect him the most. Pinky goes to the sleeping Ram and says thanks to him for supporting her. But Ram hears her. Nandu gives letter to Arjun telling Pinky asked her to give it to him. That letter has Pinky’s thank you message. Arjun smiles reading that.

Pinky asks Ram’s tea to Nalini and goes to his room but gets confused not seeing him there. Sarthak says Ram went to do preparations for the brahmin community function and says Ram asked everyone to get ready for the function. Sarthak invites Ram to talk.

Ram introduces Gagan to everyone as his son in law. Pinky and everyone shocks seeing Gagan there. Ram asks Pinky to come to stage. Pinky hesitatingly goes to the stage and sees Ram. Pinky drops the diya and apologize to Ram and says she can’t act more.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pinky says when Ram supported Ananya then why will he support her. Ram asks Amma to leave the house. Pinky too leaves the house with Amma.