Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th March 2020 Written Update: Gagan new conspiracy against Pinky and Arjun

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pinky says thanks Gagan ji for giving me proof against you, now you will be in jail. Gita shouts and informs Gagan that it’s Thandai not Poison. Gagan says I have to think before that you people can’t do anything to me. Sunny stops Arjun when he about to leave hospital but Arjun leaves saying Pinky in problem.

Pinky runs from Gagan and hides behind car leaving her purse. Gagan takes car keys and brings Chachaji out from car and beats him badly for trying to hurt his mom. Pinky asks Gagan to leave her Chachaji. Gagan asks her to break the evidence. Chachaji shouts no but Pinky breaks her mobile.

Gagan says now it’s time your punishment Pinky than Arjun and Sunny comes to Pinky rescue. Sunny holds Gagan than Arjun calls Inspector but he says congratulations, one who pushed you is in our custody.  Arjun gets shocked. Gagan beats Sunny and hurts Arjun. Pinky gets shocked seeing unconscious Arjun. Chachaji beats Gagan with rod.

Pinky Informs police that Gagan is the one who tried to kill Arjun and handovers Gagan to police, giving the data of Mobile. Ram enters reveals that he is culprit of Arjun. Gagan thinks I thought my game is over but here new drama started. Pinky says Papa. Ram says ask my wife witness. Nalini says yes. Pinky questions her why are you lying. Nalini stays silent. Police says culprit is here.

Ram asks Pinky are you want to file fir against your dad. Nalini asks Pinky to take back her case. Police notices Pinky is silent and announces that Ram and GAGAN are free. Ram says thank you beta and leaves with his wife.

Ram gets Swamiji call and he informs him that everything is fine because my wife is with me. Pinky comes outside and says I don’t question you anything mom but I know why you did it. Gagan thanks Ram for saving him. Ram says I did it to protect my respect not for you and leaves with Nalini.

Doctor scolds Sunny for allowing Arjun to outside. Pinky asks doctor about Arjun health. Doctor says today we thought to discharge him but after this incident we are thinking to make him stay in hospital for more time. Pinky assures doctor that she will take of her. Sunny asks Pinky about Gagan matter. Pinky says Gagan is like villian in stories,how will he get caught easily.

Sunny gets call. Pinky adjusts bedsheet of Arjun than someone takes their snaps. Arjun gets conscious and wake-up saying I won’t leave Gagan and your father protects him every time. Pinky asks him how you know. Arjun reveals her about how police informed him. Pinky asks him why you lied to me. Arjun says you won’t take my words seriously than why will I answer your questions.

Gita says did you saw how easily I solved it. Gagan asks her how. Gita  reveals how Swami ji helped her and she asks Gagan to take care of Pinky matter. Gagan says his new plan active against Pinky and Arjun. Gita asks him what’s the plan.Gagan takes out pendrive with Pics against Pinky and reveals that this pendrive will change everything.