Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 3rd August 2020 Written Update: Pinky decides to marry Arjun to save Nandu

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 3rd August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunny asks Pinky to contact fake bride Saradha because she is not attending his calls. Pinky says fine. Pandit meets lakshman and asks who’s marrying today? This muhurta is best and married people will be live happily for 7janams. Asha asks what happened. Pinky says nothing and informs to her mom that Arjun bride is missing and she must go to help him. Than she notices pin under their tyre and punchers the tier. Arjun leaves saying he will search another option to get back Nandu because I know it won’t happen. Sunny stops seeing registrar. Registrar asks them to finish Marriage quickly than he have to leave to court. Sunny messages to Pinky saying groom is running. Driver informs that their tier got punctured and will take time. Nalini says Pinky I left your jewellery at home. Asha says leave them ,we can get them later. Pinky says leave it mom we can give necklace to Asha aunty next time. Asha asks her to get the jewellery.

Arjun about to enter the car than he received Pinky call, she says you’re hero for Nandu who gonna protect her from Villains. Arjun says thanks for stopping me every time when I’m about to do anything wrong. Arjun comes back to Mandal. Sunny feels happy. Pinky asks Sunny to give the address and Phone number of fake bride. Mrs Venkata Raman calls Saradha and she informs her that money is transferred and asks her to not come out from her home. Saradha says she locked the door from outside. Amma thinks now I will see how will Nandu get back to your life.

Sarthak informs to Ram that Pinky vehicle is not behind us than he thinks where these people gone and calls Nalini ,she didn’t answer the call than he calls Asha and she informs him that their vehicle is punctured and asks him to leavr. Asha asks Nalini to call Pinky.

Pinky notices Saradha house is locked and than she calls Nalini and informs her that Saradha house is locked. Asha tries to take the phone, Nalini resists, phone fell down in speaker mode. Pinky says can I sit on Mandap beside Arjun like fake bride to save Nandu. Nalini and Asha gets shocked. Nalini says no than phone gets disconnected. Asha informs this matter to Ram and asks him to stop Pinky.

Pinky sees  Seema at Arjun place and gets tensed. Nalini asks Asha to give her phone so she can inform to Pinky but Asha denies. Registrar and Seems asks why bride is not coming. Pinky says bride is arrived and she goes to get ready and arrives to Mandap. Real Pandit performs the marriage of Arjun and Pinky. Ram takes gun, Nalini tries to stop him saying Asha misunderstood the matter but Ram angrily leaves towards Arjun’s Place. Arjun takes pheras with Pinky and makes Pinky wear the mangalsutra thinking she is character artist.

Nalini says it’s fake marriage and tries to stop Ram. Sunny says marriage is completed. Pandit says Marriage will be completed after applying the sindoor. Sunny thinks Cha-cha ji is acting like real brahmin. Nalini asks him to shoot her. Arjun asks her to remove her goonghat. Pinky removes it and she is in Imarti getup. Sunny and Arjun gets shocked. Ram arrives to Mandap breaking the door and gets shocked.