Naga Bhairavi 10th February 2021 Written Update: Krishna warns Jalaja

Naga Bhairavi 10th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Annapurna asks Kaushalya to bring Bhairavi. Malli serves juice to everyone. Veerabhadram signs snake seeing Malli but no-one understands it. Kaushalya and Zarina brings Bhairavi. Arjun and Bhairavi feels sad seeing eachother.

Krishna thanks his friend for coming to their house without asking anything and he about tell about Bhairavi details but his friend says I know you and your brought up so i don’t need to ask or know about your daughter and you can ask about my son. Krishna says I trust you so no need to ask anything. Veerabhadram signs Jalaja to go and stop it.

Jalaja goes to groom family and asks them to leave saying Bhairavi will be her daughter in law. Krishnam Naidu and Annapurna asks what’s she talking. Jalaja asks can’t Krishna trust blood relation like he trusts his friendship. Krishna says he don’t want Bhairavi to get married to her son. Jalaja says she don’t like Bhairavi to marry anyone except her son. Krishna says don’t create drama because I know what’s good for my daughter. Jalaja questions what’s lacking in her son? Why can’t you notice your nephew, answer me.

Krishna says noone have right to decide about Bhairavi except him. Jalaja says your mind is ruined that’s why you want to make Bhairavi gets married to this stupid fellow. Krishnam Naidu raises his hand to slap her but stops in the middle. Jalaja says slap me, you don’t consider me like your family member so it’s better to die and make your Bhairavi gets married when I become corpse and she tries to suicide than everyone stops her.

Annapurna slaps her daughter. Groom family leaves saying they don’t want to create problems in their family. Krishna says don’t play your dramas because I never make my daughter gets married to your son because you don’t think about my respect and if you ever involve in Bhairavi marriage matter I will throw you out from home. Everyone leaves

Sanvi tells to Aditya that she will found the truth. Villager reaches to Sanvi place. Sanvi says I know what you have done so tell me the truth. Villager thinks seems like Mam got to know about ring matter and he reveals how Bhairavi got Aditya ring because of their mistake and his sister came to my home with some guy but we escaped before they caught us. Aditya smiles and says understand that God is supporting me that’s why Bhairavi got my ring and now my sister sure that I’m alive and started her search operation for me.