Naga Bhairavi 10th July 2021 Written Update: Nagamma waits for a moment to kill Arjun

Naga Bhairavi 10th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Annapurna, Kaushalya in tears prays to Lordshiva and they begs Shivayya to save Arjun from Nagamma. Aditya too prays for Arjun’s safety. Bhairavi tells to Arjun that she found that Nagamma took him with her while coming in her form and asks Arjun if Nagamma harmed him. Arjun says Nagamma tried to kill me, I didn’t expected that she will come in your form and she changed to snake form and tried to bite my but I jumped from car still Nagamma followed me and I lost consciousness while escaping from her. Bhairavi says Nagamma might left seeing her. Arjun says true and if you didn’t reach here on time than Nagamma might killed me. Bhairavi hugs him in tears. Arjun says Manasa Devi sent you here on time. Bhairavi says she saved him because of Manasa devi’s boon. Malli gets angry.

Bhairavi sees Malli and asks how she came here. Malli tells them she came to jungle for sticks. Bhairavi says Nagamma might left from here seeing you. Nagamma thinks I’m here itself Bhairavi but your presence spoiled my attempt to kill Arjun. Bhairavi asks how Nagamma attempted to kill him when he have Vinatha Devi’s Raksha than she notices his Raksha is missing and questions what happened to his Raksha. Arjun tells her how Nagamma made him remove the Raksha to kill him. Bhairavi says it means I have to stay near you every minute and she promises him that she will always stays with him and they leaves to home. Malli thinks it’s not easy for Bhairavi to stay near him 24/7 and she thinks to wait for opportunity to kill Arjun.

Shakuntala cries badly after knowing Nagamma took Arjun with her. Annapurna tries to console her telling nothing will happen to Arjun. Veerabhadram thinks Nagamma took Arjun to kill him not for picnic than he tells to Shakuntala that Arjun will be fine. Jalaja happily thinks Bhairavi will become her daughter in law once Arjun gets died. Family members feels worried for Arjun safety. Aditya says he will search them that time Arjun and Bhairavi reaches to home with Malli. Aditya happily tells to everyone that Arjun is back. Veerabhadram and Jalaja feels dissapointed. Family members feels happy after meeting him. Shakuntala calls Arjun near her and tells him how she felt worried knowing Nagamma took him with her. Arjun asks her to stay calm telling he is fine. Shakuntala cries saying he don’t know how much she is worried for him. Bhairavi asks Shakuntala to don’t get worried saying Nagamma can’t kill Arjun when she stays with him.

Kaushalya says don’t know why Nagamma having this kind of grudge on Arjun. Malli says it’s because of your wrong doings. Arjun questions what’s his mistake in it? When he took that Mani to save his mother. Malli says stealing Mani is crime so you deserve punishment. Bhairavi asks what you know Malli, serving human kind is serving to Madhava than whats Arjun mistake when he did to save his mother. Malli says wrong is wrong and good works don’t cover the mistake. Bhairavi says they don’t need to to learn from her and questions why she is changed so much. Arjun agrees with Bhairavi and says Malli changed so much. Aditya asks them to leave the argument and says Nagamma won’t harm him when he have the Raksha. Arjun tells them that how he lost the Raksha because of Nagamma. Everyone gets shocked. Shakuntala cries badly. Veerabhadram feels happy thinking Arjun death is near. Bhairavi says she won’t leave Arjun in any moment and assures to Shakuntala saying Arjun will be fine. Arjun tries to console his Mom.

Episode ends.