Naga Bhairavi 10th May 2021 Written Update: Malli confronts Veerabhadram

Naga Bhairavi 10th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nagini(Malli) goes to Karkotaka and fights with him and he tries to run from her but she stops him and questions who’s he to hurt her devotees. Karkotaka about to attack her but Malli stops him by holding his neck and throws him towards stones. Karkotaka feels immense pain but he again tries to attack her, Malli easily defeat him with her power. Karkotaka says we belongs to same species and you have to support me to fulfill my work but here you’re stopping me, won’t you feel it’s wrong. Malli says won’t you know that our snakes won’t support bad motive . Karkotaka says who are you to tell me that it’s wrong work, I want to kill that Arjun but that Bhairavi horoscope saved him. Malli asks why he wants to kill Arjun.

Karkotaka denies to reveal to her and says he thought to scare Arjun by burning those wedding cards but you gave your blessings to them. Malli says they are my devotees so you can’t touch them. Karkotaka says they can’t escape from me and I won’t let them get married. Malli says you can’t stop their marriage because I’m doing to perform their marriage and she warns Karkotaka to stay away from Arjun. Karkotaka tells her noone can save Arjun from him and leaves from that place. Malli thinks she knows how to save them. Shivudu says everything is Leela of Lord Shivayya.

Bhairavi and Arjun reaches to home and Arjun informs to family members how Nagamma set their burned wedding cards. Bhairavi says Nagamma asked us to don’t untie this Bandam until we reach to home than she unties their Bandam. Shakuntala asks why wedding cards got burned. Annapurna says don’t know what it’s indicating. Jalaja says seems like owl warned us about this inauspicious event and wedding cards burned at Anthill so seems like Nagamma don’t like this marriage.

Bhairavi asks why Nagamma gives her blessings to us if she won’t like our marriage? Don’t try to create new doubts. Jalaja asks why Nagamma didn’t stopped before it’s get burned that’s why I got this doubt. Everyone looks in. Jalaja sees Veerabhadram entering home and asks if he knows that wedding cards at Anthill got burned. Veerabhadram says he knows it. Everyone looks suspiciously at him.

Arjun asks how he knows about the incident happened at Anthill. Bhairavi too questions how he knows. Veerabhadram manages saying he didn’t know and apologies to everyone for miscommunication. Aditya says he is feared seeing recent happenings. Bhairavi asks why are you saying in this way brother? Nagamma gave her blessings so we have to trust her. Arjun supports Bhairavi. Bhairavi says Nagamma will set everything. Malli reaches to their home and asks why everyone looks worried. Veerabhadram gets scared seeing Malli. Bhairavi introduces Aditya to Malli than she asks Malli why she is not coming to their place. Malli tells her she came to perform their marriage only and she takes Bhairavi inside.

Later Malli in snake form scares Veerabhadram and he request her to change to human form. Malli changes to her human form and asks why he returned to home. Veerabhadram says I realised my mistake that’s why these people forgiven me. Malli says you came here to stop Bhairavi and Arjun’s Marriage and you might be the one who bought Karkotaka. Veerabhadram tells her he don’t know about Karkotaka. Malli says it’s visible that you’re lying and you don’t deserve to live, she changes to snake form. Veerabhadram says I will prove that Arjun is the one who stole Mani and I will let you know about it before this marriage otherwise kill me and don’t tell to anyone about me and I won’t tell anyone about you. Malli says you’re trying to blame Arjun for escaping from me.

Episode ends.