Naga Bhairavi 11th February 2021 Written Update: Malli informs Krishna and his family members that Arjun is a perfect match for Bhairavi

Naga Bhairavi 10th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aditya says Bhairavi found my ring with God help and now she confidently knows that I’m alive and previously too she believed that I’m alive that’s why she got info from Velayudam and my sister is intelligent and brave than you and now she got my ring as proof so she definitely reach me very soon.

Sanvi asks her men what more he hides from her. Men says that guy tried to know about our drone than I hit him with rod, don’t know if he is alive or dead that guy is the one whom you shared pic with me and he shows Arjun pic to her and apologizes to Sanvi for stealing the ring.

Aditya says my sister won’t leave you Sanvi and you have few hours left because my sister gonna ruin you. Sanvi kills that men with her pen than she tells to Aditya, your sister don’t have any proof because this men is dead Nd this pen made of poison and if I get any problem from your sister than I will kill her. Aditya looks on.

Sanvi calls Arjun and asks how are you, are you safe. Aditya says I’m fine but why you asked me whether I’m safe or not. Sanvi says I heard their is Thoofan at Zombia that’s why asking. Arjun says he is fine. Sanvi thinks to found why Arjun is staying in Nagavaram and she asks him when he gonna return. Arjun says he will return once his work is done. Sanvi asks when. Arjun says I will inform you when I’m coming. Sanvi says situations are bad so don’t involve in matters which is not belongs to you.

Krishnam Naidu thinks about Jalaja created drama at their place. Veerabhadram thinks his wife did good by sending Groom family with her drama and now you have no option left except my son. Malli hears his thoughts and looks angrily at him. Annapurna asks Kaushalya to call Krishna for having food. Krishna says he is not hungry and asks them to have dinner.

Annapurna says don’t feel bad, marriages are made in heaven. Krishna says match got cancelled because of Jalaja and to save Bhairavi we have to perform her marriage immediately. Annapurna says Groom will come to their place if time comes. Malli says Groom is Infront of our eyes. Annapurna asks who. Malli says Arjun is good guy and he saved Krishna babu Garu and Bhairavi also and I feel he can take good care of Bhairavi.

Annapurna says it’s true and she tells to Krishna that Bhairavi and Arjun looks great together. Krishna asks what’s she saying. Annapurna says Arjun is supporting Bhairavi to found her brother and he is helping our family too. Kaushalya too says Arjun is good guy. Annapurna says Bhairavi is taking his help everytime so I feel she likes him too. Kaushalya asks her father in law to think about it. Krishna leaves without answering them.

Sanvi meets Vishwambari and asks her to make Bhairavi comes out from her home so she can kidnap Bhairavi to know what she got from Velayudam place. Vishwambari says evil force can’t enter their home because of Srichakram. Sanvi says Bhairavi won’t stay in home forever, my brother lied to me and came to this Nagavaram and I feel like Arjun knows Bhairavi family. Vishwambari says Veerabhadram can help us but he is Paralysed because me. Sanvi says you can shift that paralysis to another one right. Vishwambari says yes.