Naga Bhairavi 11th January 2021 Written Update: Lord kumara Swamy stops Sarpayagam

Naga Bhairavi 11th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Vishwambari says all Snakes will die in Agnigundam because of Sarpayagam if you have strength to witness that scene you can join me otherwise stay here. Helper says he will stay in their place. Vishwambari goes to jungle and starts her Sarpayagam. Malli couldn’t control herself because of Vishwambari Yagam and she changes to Snake form and goes out of house.

Many snakes comes to Yagam and burns themselves in Agnigundam. Vishwambari smiles. Malli can’t have control on herself and comes to that place and gets shocked seeing how snakes are dying in flames of Yagam. Vishwambari smiles seeing Malli. Malli holds rock to balance her. Vishwambari smiles saying that rock can’t save you and can’t stop my Sarpayagam and she chants her mantras to attract Panidra. Malli says no.

Phanidra comes to Yagam and he tries to hold Malli bit he couldn’t because of Vishwambari spell. Malli cries seeing their helplessness. Phanidra reaches to Yagam place. Vishwambari asks Malli to comeout leaving stone to save her Phanidra. Malli swings that stone and says she is coming at that blast happens and Kumara swami idol comes out.

Power full snake comes out from God idol and rain starts heavily which stops whole Yagam saving the snakes and Vishwambari gets shocked seeing the god snake and dissaperars from that place. Malli takes Phanidra to Anthill. Phanidra gains conscious and asks if she is fine. Bhairavi says she is fine and they hugs eachother.

Phanidra asks where is black witch. Malli says she is gone and leaves to home. Phanidra goes inside Anthill. Because of Kumara Swamy idol Bhairavi gets dream like her brother is calling her to save him. Bhairavi wakes up saying she is coming to save him than she goes out and notices her brother photo is swinging because of wind.