Naga Bhairavi 12th February 2021 Written Update: Krishna asks Arjun to marry Bhairavi

Naga Bhairavi 12th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanvi asks if Vishwambari can transfer Veerabhadram Paralysis to another person. Vishwambari says it’s possible until now I didn’t get this point, you’re intelligent. Sanvi says let’s go to their place. Vishwambari says Nagini might recognize us, let go in the night time because nights that Nagini will go to guard temple. Sanvi agrees.

Krishna thinks about Malli proposal and thinks how Arjun saved Bhairavi and helping her. Arjun thinks about Yogi Shivudu words. Krishna goes to meet Arjun and suddenly asks where is he from. Arjun says from Hyderabad. Krishna asks about his cousins and family. Arjun says sister is married and father is doing business and than he reminsces Krishna and his mother encounter and asks why he is asking him about his family. Krishna says if you’re ok than I want to marry Bhairavi to you. Arjun gets stunned.

Krishna asks Arjun opinion about his daughter. Arjun says Bhairavi is perfect and amazing daughter. Krishna asks if he is okay to marry his daughter. Arjun thinks I came here for Bhairavi and tensed thinking how to tell you but now you’re asking me to marry her, I don’t have words to express my happiness. Krishna asks why he is silent. Arjun asks Krishna to take Bhairavi opinion also. Krishna says you’re correct and with this point I got to know your upbringing is good, tomorrow morning I will talk with Bhairavi about it, go and take rest. Arjun feels super excited.

Veerabhadram signs to Jalaja that her brother wants to marry Bhairavi to Arjun. Jalaja gets hyper and calls everyone out. Annapurna and Krishna asks why she is creating drama again. Jalaja asks how can you plans to marry Bhairavi to Arjun when you have nephew. Bhairavi says why you’re blaming my dad, he have right to take decisions and you don’t have any rights so don’t create issue. Jalaja says you’re reason for this issue and outers may point my son if you marry other person. Krishna says I already warned you and your son is not suitable for my daughter and everyone knows it, hope you understand it.

Jalaja says I don’t have any value at this place so we can’t stay here and she asks her son to pack bags. Malli thinks Nagulu might come here if I don’t reach to temple than she leaves to temple. Jalaja comes out with luggage. Bhairavi and others tries to stop her but she won’t listen. Vishwambari and Sanvi enters Krishna place in different attire.