Naga Bhairavi 12th January 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi confronts Malli about her injuries

Naga Bhairavi 12th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhairavi listens to sound and goes out of her room and notices her brother’s photo is swinging because of air. Bhairavi sets that photo incorrect way and close the window than she notices other window is open and goes to close it but she notices Arjun is shivering in his tent because of the Rainy weather. Bhairavi gets Duvvet from her room and goes to Arjun tent.

Arjun gains conscious and sees Bhairavi is coming with Duvvet, he acts like sleeping. Bhairavi covers him with Duvvet, Arjun holds Bhairavi hand and sleeps on her hand. Bhairavi smiles seeing him and says our meeting happened with fight but I don’t know who you’re but you helped me alot like my friend. Arjun thinks I came here for you so can do anything for you. Bhairavi says you’re becoming my strength and don’t know what to name our relation.

Arjun says it’s our Bandam from many births. Bhairavi asks what. Arjun says why are you questioning me in dreams too. Bhairavi thinks he is dreaming. Bhairavi asks why can’t he get angry in her. Arjun says he feels bad when he can’t see her and seems like it’s love. Bhairavi thinks he is in romantic dreams and says she don’t know how to repay his helps. Arjun says it’s enough if you tell me that you love because I love you and love is good so let’s love and next.

Bhairavi thinks seems like he is planning to marry and get kids in his sleep. Bhairavi couldn’t remove her hand than she uses her hair near his ear which makes him leave her hand. Bhairavi feels happy but he again holds her hand. Bhairavi looks tensed and Arjun says stay with me and don’t leave from here. Bhairavi smiles and slowly takes her hand and goes from his tent. Arjun smiles seeing her.

Bhairavi goes inside and locks the main door. At that time Malli reaches to home in rain and notices doors are closed than she enters through window in her snake form. Bhairavi notices Malli coming from otherside and asks where she went in rain. Malli gets tensed thinking Bhairavi might caught her and says she didn’t went out, goes out to get clothes from Varanda.

Bhairavi says ok but than she turns and asks how she injured. Malli says she fell down while taking clothes hurriedly. Bhairavi says why you’re tensed, clothes are not important , why you injured yourself for clothes, anyways ho and sleep. Malli says ok and feels relaxed.

Sanvi thinks about how someone called her from Dastagiri number, Sanvi thinks of someone got my men phone? Because my men won’t talk with me in English and that voice reminds me someone I know, is it belongs to Arjun? If Arjun stays in Nagavaram than my project will be halted because I can’t go when he is at that place but my project can’t be halted so I need to visit Nagavaram.