Naga Bhairavi 13th February 2021 Written Update: Vishwambhari cures Veerabhadram paralysis with her powers

Naga Bhairavi 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Family members tries to stop Jalaja but she won’t listen.Vishwambari and Sanvi reaches to Krishnam Naidu house in disguise. Jalaja asks who are they. Vishwambari tells to Jalaja that they can cure her husband Paralysis with her Mulika vaidya. Jalaja asks them to leave.

Veerabhadram recognizes Vishwambari came to his home and signs Jalaja to allow them to cure him but she misunderstood his signs and asks them to leave saying her husband is getting scared seeing them. Vishwambari says your wife is not believing us but i will get you treated and she holds Veerabhadram hands. Jalaja removes her hand and warns them to leave.

Arjun and Namrata comes out from their tents. Sanvi sees Arjun. Vishwambari says listen to me. Jalaja says nothing cured my husband than how can you treat my husband. Jalaja son says Koyadoralu have power, so let them try. Annapurna too agress. Jalaja asks them to do. Vishwambari touches Veerabhadram head, hand and leg with her mini wand and assured them that Veerabhadram will be cured before sunrise, take him inside. Sanvi and Vishwambari leaves from that place.

Kaushalya asks Jalaja to come inside. Jalaja says I know it and they goes inside. Next day morning Veerabhadram gets relief from his state and he wakes up normally and notices his Paralysis is cured than he calls Jalaja and shows her that he is completely cured.

Jalaja feels happy and calls everyone saying her husband is fine. Veerabhadram says I got cured because of that witch and than he changes his statement saying Koyadevatha cured me. Family members feels happy seeing him. Bhairavi and Krishna thinks to do Annadanam and Raktasambandam to share their happiness. Jalaja thinks we need your daughter not Danam.

Krishna sees Arjun standing near door and asks him to come inside and makes him sit. Veerabhadram gets angry. Krishna calls his Mom. Annapurna asks Kaushalya to get tea. Kaushalya gives him tea. Krishna calls Bhairavi to hall. Malli smiles seeing them. Arjun thinks our elders wants to marry us, it’s my luck. Bhairavi asks why he called her. Krishna says i called Arjun here to talk about your marriage, we all thinking Arjun is suitable match for you and what’s your opinion.

Bhairavi looks on. Annapurna says tell me so we can call Arjun parents to fix marriage date. Jalaja asks her husband how to stop it. Veerabhadram says Bhairavi will be our Daughter in law, don’t worry. Krishnam Naidu says I got to know Arjun and you likes eachother and if you like it than I will make you get married to him. Bhairavi stands in angry mode.