Naga Bhairavi 13th January 2021 Written Update: NagRaj cancels Nagini punishment from Subramanya sasty

Naga Bhairavi 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanvi thinks she have to achieve her goals in Nagavaram and I want to know what’s Arjun doing in Nagavaram without going to Zombia this us my first priority than only I can finish my project. Next project Arjun smiles seeing blanket and reminsces his last night moments with Bhairavi and he covers himself in blanket and goes to home and calls sir. Bhairavi gets shocked seeing him in blanket and asks why he came inside.

Arjun says last night someone covered me in blanket that’s why I came here to know who helped me! Is it you? Bhairavi says no. Arjun says I know it can be you, thanks for help. Bhairavi sats don’t create dramas and I didn’t helped you. Arjun says sorry than he notices Annapurna, Kaushalya, Jalaja and asks if they covered him in blanket last night. They denies. Arjun says can I ask your Dad. Bhairavi says no.

Arjun wishes him good morning and tells last night someone covered me in blanket, did you helped me. Krishnam Naidu says maybe someone and go after drinking coffee. Arjun searches for Bujji to ask him. Bhairavi asks why she is questioning everyone. Arjun says he must know it because this bedsheet belongs to your family. Bhairavi says she only helped him. Arjun says I know it’s you and I want to know it from yourself. Bhairavi says so you heard my last night words?

Otherwise how you know that I came to drape a blanket on you. Arjun says he didn’t hear anything and he just guessed. Arjun walks forward saying thanks to her. Bhairavi stops him and notices the marks and says it’s looking like snake marks. Arjun notices them and says seems like a snake entered from the window. Everyone notices those marks. Veerabhadram tries to indicate towards Malli.

Krishnam Naidu asks what happened. Jalaja says snake entered home. The family thinks Veerabhadram is facing some neck problems. Jalaja gets scared. Arjun examines the marks and tells the snake might enter last night between 1-2. Malli gets tensed. Bhairavi thinks about her meeting with Malli at that time and goes near Malli and says we are in the hall at that time right, did you saw any snake. Malli says she didn’t saw any snake. Kaushalya says maybe the snake is hidden in the home. Jalaja feels scared saying Snake might harm them. Annapurna says it’s good to sign because the snake is our Family God so go and do your works. Everyone leaves. Malli smiles.

Phanidra tells about Sarpayagam to NagRaj. NagRaj asks who might be the one who performed Sarpayagam to kill snakes. Phanidra says that person is not belongs to Nagavaram and she is some bad witch who wants to enter temple that’s why she did Sarpayagam to remove us from her path.

Phanidra promises to protect the temple risking his life. Nagaraj says he trusts him. Manjiri praises Phanidra for stopping Sarpayagam. Phanidra says it’s our Nagini who stopped that Sarpayagam even though she doesn’t have powers and she is the one who makes Kumara Swamy idol come out to save us. Manjiri feels happy and asks Nagraj if he can’t forgive her. NagRaj says Nagini will get her powers from Subramanya sasty. They feel happy.