Naga Bhairavi 13th May 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Bhairavi lies to Malli about Mani

Naga Bhairavi 13th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vishwambari gets dissapeared after getting the Mani. Arjun and Bhairavi realises they lost the Mani and they feels worried for the consequences if they won’t return Mani to the temple and both of them rushes to meet Shivudu to found solution.

Arjun and Bhairavi reaches to temple. Veerabhadram notices everything from his hiding spot and thinks Nagamma will kill the Arjun. Nagini changes her appearance like Malli and comes Infront of Arjun and Bhairavi. Arjun asks what’s she doing in the temple. Malli asks Arjun about mani. Arjun remembers Siddha purusha words that he can’t reveal about Mani to anyone so he lies to Malli and questions what Mani she is talking about and tells that he don’t know anything about Mani. Malli says I know that Siddha purusha gave the Mani to you and you came here to return the Mani to temple.

Arjun asks what’s connection between Mani and temple. Malli angrily asks Arjun to return the Mani. Bhairavi about to tell her about Mani but Arjun stops her. Malli asks what she wants to say. Bhairavi says how Arjun will know about Mani. Arjun asks what Mani she is talking about. Malli says don’t lie because I know you’re the one who stoled Mani from temple. Arjun reminsces how he get the Mani from temple. Bhairavi questions why Malli is talking angrily.

Malli says I know something might happen while you’re coming here with Mani. Arjun says nothing happened like you’re assuming. Malli questions how they got hurt if nothing happened to them. Arjun says I fell down while coming to temple that’s why I got hurt but why you’re questioning in this way. Bhairavi agrees with Arjun. Malli thinks who’s lying Arjun or Veerabhadram? Bhairavi says you know about us than why you’re talking in this way and it’s tough to believe you’re behaving in this way with us. Veerabhadram thinks both are acting amazingly like they don’t know anything. Arjun says leave it she might talking in this way because not tension and he asks Malli how’s Nagulu and tells her that he wants to talk with Nagulu. Malli asks what he wants to talk with Nagulu.

Arjun tells he wants to invite Nagulu to their marriage. Malli feels bad reminscing Nagulu state. Bhairavi too asks about Nagulu. Malli thinks Arjun might be innocent that’s why Arjun didn’t mention any fight with Nagulu and wants to invite him for their marriage. Arjun asks Malli to answer. Malli tells him Nagulu went to other town, go and have your Darshan and she leaves from that place. Arjun feels relaxed. Bhairavi asks why she lied to Malli about Mani. Arjun asks if she forgot about Siddha purusha words that they can’t reveal to anyone about Mani. Bhairavi agrees than they goes searching Shivudu.

Malli goes to Veerabhadram and questions why he lied to her. Veerabhadram says he didn’t lie to her. Malli changes to Snake form and scares him. Veerabhadram says listen to me, they got escaped from you telling lies and if you feel I lied to you than kill me but give me one last chance to prove it. Malli asks him to prove it for saving his life from her. Malli reminsces Nagaguruvu words that she needs to kill the person who stole the Mani to fulfill Nagulu revenge.

Episode ends.