Naga Bhairavi 14th January 2021 Written Update: Krishnam Naidu and his family perform Abhishekam to Subramanya Swamy

Naga Bhairavi 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanvi thinks to know Arjun current location so she calls Namrata. Namrata feels tensed seeing Sanvi call. Arjun asks why she is tensed. Namrata says it’s Sanvi mam call. Arjun as her to attend call keeping it in speaker mode. Namrata attends call. Sanvi asks where are you.

Namrata drops the phone. Sanvi asks her to answer. Namrata picks the phone and Arjun takes the phone and says everything is fine with us, what about you. Sanvi thinks seems like he is hiding something and cuts the call saying she called Namrata because his phone is not connecting. Sanvi thinks to Keep an eye on Nagvaram.

Announcer informs to whole village about Subramanya Swamy idol. Everyone goes to visit the idol. On the way Bhairavi asks Arjun to not come with her saying she founds that last night he’s not sleeping and asks him to go first. Arjun goes. Villagers runs to see Subramanya idol.

Sanvi reaches to Nagavaram and she misses to notice Arjun because of the phone call and she about to hit Bhairavi but stops on time. Bhairavi shouts at Sanvi for driving rashly in village area. Sanvi comes out of car and says it’s not your road. Bhairavi says it’s our village and everything is belongs to us, I never saw you in our place and try to behave in good way otherwise we will teach you lesson.

Kaushalya calls Bhairavi to come with her. Bhairavi goes. Sam says who the hell are you to question me. Bhairavi thinks her voice is similar to her dream person. Sanvi thinks this girl scared even the black witch so it’s better to leave and she goes in her car. Bhairavi looks confused.

Whole villagers reaches to Subramanya Swamy idol place. Annapurna says God is indicating good time for their village. Pandit agrees and asks them to perform Abhishekam. Krishnam Naidu and his family performs Abhishekam and Pooja to Subramanya Swamy.

Bhairavi sees the idol and reminisces something from her past, that her brother keeps some package on the shelf and she looks shocked after seeing the parcel. Arjun asks why Bhairavi is silent and ask her to participate in Abhishekam. Bhairavi performs Abhishekam than Arjun performs it. Some unknown men reach to that place observes everything.