Naga Bhairavi 15th February 2021 Written Update: Sanvi asks Namrata to spy on Arjun and Bhairavi activities

Naga Bhairavi 15th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishnam Naidu asks Bhairavi opinion on marriage. Bhairavi says she doesn’t like this marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Annapurna asks if she doesn’t like to marry Arjun or not interested in marriage? Bhairavi says both, don’t question me, sorry Arjun my family called you without knowing my opinion and she goes inside. Annapurna apologies to Arjun. Arjun says that’s fine and leaves in tears. Veerabhadram says did you saw how a marriage proposal is canceled? Bhairavi going to marry our son. Jalaja feels happy. Veerabhadram goes out.

Annapurna and Kaushalya goes to Bhairavi room. Annapurna questions why are you behaving in this way? Your marriage is needed to save you from Pranagandam, your father raised you like Mom and dad it’s won’t good if you hurt your dad in this way, tell me what you’re hiding.

Bhairavi says I want my brother to perform my marriage and he must do my Kanyadanam with sister in law because I promised him, I like to marry Arjun but It will happen once I found my brother. Annapurna tries to talk but Bhairavi asks her to leave. Kaushalya and Annapurna left from room. Bhairavi cries.

Sanvi calls Namrata and asks what’s Arjun is doing. Namrata says they are in meeting. Sanvi asks if meeting is in hotel or tent they are staying? Namrata gets tensed. Sanvi says I know where you’re, comeout and get into my car without informing to Arjun. Namrata goes out and notices Sanvi in car. Sanvi asks her to sit and takes her to outskirts of village.

Sanvi asks why you guys came to this village? Tell me the truth otherwise I will kill you on spot. Arjun takes us here for herbals but here we found Arjun loves Krishnam Naidu daughter Bhairavi and they are Searching for Bhairavi brother. Sanvi asks in which way she likes to get punishment. Namrata holds Sanvi feet and asks her to forgive her. Sanvi says I will forgive you if you pass every update of Bhairavi and Arjun and you can’t tell Arjun that you met me otherwise I will kill you and your family can’t even found your dead body. Namrata agrees. Sanvi asks her to go Nd thinks to kill the hope of Bhairavi that her brother is alive.

Bhairavi sees her brother ring then she gets some video to her phone. Bhairavi opens it and notices it’s her brother’s video, she feels happy but gets shocked seeing someone slits her brother’s neck part with a knife and it’s shows like he died. Bhairavi drops her phone and shouts loudly.

Annapurna and Kaushalya come out and asks her what happened. Bhairavi in tears thinks everyone will die if I told them about this video and she hides mobile with her leg and says laptop. Bujji says seems like aunt got scared seeing the devil movie. Annapurna says I thought you dreamed about Aditya. Krishnam Naidu comes out and asks what happened. Annapurna says Bhairavi got scared seeing the movie.