Naga Bhairavi 15th January 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi breaks down in Arjun arms

Naga Bhairavi 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun performs Abhishekam. Bhairavi stands shocked seeing the Subramanya Swamy idol. Unknown man calls Sanvi and asks her to see the live coverage from Subramanya idol. Sanvi says ok and he covers people near idol and about to Show Arjun but Sanvi calls him and asks to cover idol not people than video man covers the idol. Bhairavi leaves from that place and Arjun follows her. Video man shows all sides of idol.

Sanvi thinks Subramanya Swamy found in Nagavaram but why Velayudam is missing in this idol. Krishnam Naidu and his Mom makes Subramanya Swamy wear the garlands. Villagers asks Krishnam Naidu to do the Pratistapana. Krishnam Naidu asks Pandit to tell them good Muhurta. Pandit says after 3 days it’s Subramanya sasty and it’s best Muhurta for Vigraha Pratistapana. Krishnam Naidu agrees. Pandit asks everyone to break coconuts than he performs Aarti to Subramanya Swamy.

Bhairavi walks in tears. Arjun stops her and asks what happened to her. Bhairavi hugs him in tears which shocks Arjun. Bhairavi cries badly without telling him anything. Arjun breaks the hug and asks her to tell what happened. Bhairavi says she reminds her brother seeing Subramanya Swamy idol. Arjun says it won’t good if anyone sees you in tears so wipe your tears and tell me why you remember your brother while seeing that idol?

Is your brother is worshipper of Subramanya Swamy? Bhairavi wipes her tears and says how they planned to do Pratistapana of Subramanya Swamy idol in the past and how her brother gone missed on the same day, 2years back and I feel their is some connection between the idol and my brother dissaperarance. Arjun asks whether their is any link she knows. Bhairavi tells him what happened 2years back while she is getting ready to go for America.

Annapurna cries seeing Bhairavi is packing her luggage and tells it’s tough to live with out her. Bhairavi says don’t cry because Im going eat brain with video calls. Annapurna asks her to stop her teasing. Bhairavi asks her Granny to don’t cry otherwise she can’t leave. Annapurna agrees and asks her to have food before packing the things. Bhairavi tells her that she will have food with her brother.

Annapurna says you brother won’t without you and you won’t eat without him, any ways come soon. Bhairavi agrees and waits for her brother arrival than she notices he comes to home secretly with some package. Bhairavi follows him. Aditya hides parcel in cupboard. Bhairavi asks brother, what’s that package. Aditya gets tensed and tells nothing. Bhairavi asks if he bought surprising gift for her. Aditya angrily says it’s not for her. Bhairavi tells him that she is waiting to have food with him. Annapurna calls both of them to have food. They goes out.

At dining table Kaushalya asks where he went whole day. Aditya sits without answering their questions. Bhairavi asks why he sits like Muddapappu without answering her. Kaushalya says don’t call my husband as Muddapappu. Bhairavi says don’t forget he is my brother and she asks her brother to have food with her happily because it’s last time they gonna have it.