Naga Bhairavi 16th February 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi breaks down in Infront of Arjun saying her brother is dead

Naga Bhairavi 16th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishnam Naidu asks what happened Bhairavi. Annapurna says she is just scared to see the movie. Krishna says why watch that kind of movie, I felt scared hearing your shout and he asks Bujji to get water and makes her drink it and advises her to never watch that kind of movie because I can’t see you in pain. Annapurna and Krishnam Naidu goes asking Bhairavi to take care of herself.

Kaushalya bends down and takes the Aditya ring. Bhairavi gets scared thinking she might see the mobile. Kaushalya says I will save this ring otherwise your brother might scold me for not saving his gifted ring by you. Bujji asks if his Dad also used to scare seeing movies like her. Kaushalya says asks your Dad once he returned to the home and they leave.

Bhairavi takes her mobile and cries badly watching that video. Arjun thinks about how Bhairavi denied marriage. Bhairavi runs to Arjun in tears. Arjun asks her what happened. Bhairavi breaksdown. Namrata secretly observes them. Bhairavi says my brother won’t return to me because someone killed him.

Arjun says what are you saying. Bhairavi shows him the video she received. Arjun sees that video. Bhairavi cries saying she list everything. Arjun consoles her saying nothing happened, yet tell me if your family saw this video. Bhairavi says I created hope in my family members that my brother is alive and they can’t live if they found my brother is dead that’s why I didn’t inform them.

Arjun watches that video again and says your brother is alive and I feel this video is fake. Bhairavi looks on. Arjun says someone found that you get info from Velayudam that’s why they tried to kill you leaking gas through Drone and their attempt is failed so they make this fake video to make you get scared. Bhairavi asks if it’s really fake. Arjun says they might send the body home if it’s real and they won’t send the video in this way so be confident and I will enquire about this unknown number and he sends Bhairavi inside and asks his men to trace the details of the unknown number.

Bhairavi cries Infront of her brother’s photo reminiscing her moments with him And wishes to get him alive. Bhairavi wipes her tears seeing Kaushalya. Kaushalya says Bhairavi I got a dream that your brother brought flowers to me and sweets to you, why didn’t you sleep? Are you scared thinking about that movie? Bhairavi says no and notices Kaushalya Kumkum is misplaced and she goes to her room and cries reminiscing about her brother.

Sanvi thinks some of their family members might die seeing that video. Namrata calls Sanvi and says Bhairavi showed some video to Arjun and he assured her that the video is fake and goes out to know about the number. Sanvi asks Namrata to update her everything and thinks to kill the hope of Bhairavi completely. Arjun thinks whether someone is trying to stop Bhairavi attempts to find her brother or they really killed him.