Naga Bhairavi 16th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Bhairavi plans to solve mystery with Aditya diary

Naga Bhairavi 16th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhairavi says why you looks silent brother, this is last time we are having food together so please talk. Aditya looks on. Annapurna says don’t says last time because it indicates Abshagun. Bhairavi says don’t involve sentiment, I told in that way because tomorrow I’m going to USA than she requests her brother to talk with her. Kaushalya asks him to talk. Aditya irritatingly says what he needs to talk. Bhairavi asks if his health is not fine. Aditya says he is fine and goes from dining table. Everyone calls him why he is leaving without having food but he won’t reply them. Later Bhairavi thinks reason behind her brother behaviour and thinks if he is feeling bad that she is going far from him because they are inseparable from childhood than she goes to check the thing bought Aditya to home. Bhairavi opens the package and gets shocked seeing it.

At present Bhairavi asks Arjun to observe the Subramanya Swamy idol properly Velayudam is missing from this idol and which I saw that with my brother in the past that’s why I’m thinking whether this idol is connected to my brother, that day my brother is tensed and I thought it’s because they I’m going far from him but now I feel he may tensed the the Velayudam he bought to home. Arjun asks didn’t she question her brother about that Velayudam. Bhairavi says my brother looks so worried so I didn’t ask him anything, he tried to tell me something but didn’t reveal anything but later I got know that Velayudam is originated in village as Swayambyu. Arjun says we have to connect everything to solve puzzle and this may connected to your brother too. Bhairavi asks how to trace it. Arjun says you told me that your Brother friend Sundaram told you about your brother diary and if we get that diary than we may get clues from it. Bhairavi says I tried to read that diary but my sister in law takes that diary and she locks me emotionally to stay away from that diary. Arjun says keep these sentiments aside and at this time we need that diary so think how to get it and he wipes Bhairavi tears.

At night Arjun roams outside of their house and Bhairavi meets him and both enters home from back door and goes to steal the diary from Kaushalya room. Arjun waits outside of the room. Bhairavi slowly steals the diary at the time Kaushalya wakes up. Bhairavi hides from her, Arjun goes out and asks Kaushalya to give him water through window. Kaushalya goes out, Bhairavi goes out behind her and shows diary to Arjun, both feels happy. Kaushalya opens the door to give him water. Arjun signs Bhairavi to hide. Bhairavi hides from Kaushalya and Kaushalya gives water to Arjun.