Naga Bhairavi 17th July 2021 Written Update: Nagamma fails to enter Garudagutta

Naga Bhairavi 17th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun romances with Bhairavi. Nagamma moves towards Garudagutta. Bhairavi makes Arjun drink the milk than he makes her drink the milk. Bhairavi cleans his mouth with her saree pallu. Arjun cleans Bhairavi lips with his hands and tries to get closer to her. Bhairavi says he is watching us. Arjun tells her their is noone. Bhairavi says moon is watching them. Arjun says moon is blessing them and he praises Bhairavi’s beauty and tells her that Moon is hiding behind clouds seeing her beauty. Bhairavi blushes listening his words. Arjun gets closer to her.

Nagamma reaches near Garuda gutta and she tries to enter the place but eagles stops her from entering the place with their attack. Nagini tries to defend herself from eagles attack but she couldn’t than she leaves from that place.

Bujji cries vigorously. Kaushalya tries to comfort him. Annapurna questions Aditya if he planned it with Bhairavi. Aditya agrees. Kaushalya questions why he didn’t told to them. Aditya tells her they don’t want anyone to find about it. Shakuntala asks if Arjun and Bhairavi are in Garudagutta. Aditya agrees. Shakuntala cries saying what will Nagamma do to Arjun and Bhairavi. Aditya assures to Shakuntala that Nagamma can’t harm them. Annapurna questions how he is so sure about it. Aditya says Nagamma can’t enter that place. Kaushalya says Nagamma said she will enter that place. Aditya says snakes can’t enter that place. Veerabhadram asks how he knows about it. Aditya says temple secrets are available in his research and he asks Shakuntala to stay strong.