Naga Bhairavi 18th February 2021 Written Update: Vishwambari and Sanvi enjoys seeing Bhairavi state

Naga Bhairavi 18th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sunanda says you cheated people but you can’t cheat god that’s why he punished your son and same snakes killed your son. Phanidra gets angry and sees the blue mark near Aditya neck. Arjun and others also notices the bites near his back. Arjun thinks they slitted with Knife but how snake bites came to his neck. Malli says how can it happens. Phanidra thinks it can be witch work. Sunanda asks Krishna Naidu to answer her. Krishna says he don’t have energy to fight with her. Arjun says why are you creating issues with dead body also? Leave from here. Sunanda says you settled this outsider to question me.

Bhairavi says are you human or what? Why are you blaming our family, my Brother tried to save temple info from enemies, those people Kidnapped my brother to get info from him and he didn’t reveal anything to them that’s why they killed my brother with knife and they forwarded that video to me. Sunanda asks her to shoe that video to her. Bhairavi opens her phone but video is not present in that chai. Arjun asks what happened. Bhairavi says that’s video for deleted. Krishna asks what’s she saying. Bhairavi in tears says last night someone sent video to me and I didn’t tell to anyone because you can’t bear it. Sunanda says these people are doing dramas, where is knife marks at your brother body? And Krishnam Naidu you can’t escape this time because whole village is witness for this incident, let’s meet at Panchayati after you performing the last rites to your son.

Vishwambari sees what’s happening at temple through Darpanam. Veerabhadram meets her and thanks her for curing his Paralysis. Vishwambari asks how’s the gift I gave to you? Veerabhadram says he is happy to see the sadness in Krishnam Naidu eyes because of his son death. Vishwambari tells him that very soon she will make him leader for the family and village. Veerabhadram thanks her.

Villagers arranges for the last rites of Aditya. Bhairavi and her family members cries for Aditya. Malli feels sad seeing their pain. Kaushalya says I never thought our family god snake will kill you. Malli says their family goddess can never harm them. Kaushalya says they harmed my family. Bujji asks if his Dad won’t wakeup. Kaushalya cries saying how to answer him. Veerabhadram reaches to home and starts his drama Infront of family. Veerabhadram says whole village is thinking that our Aditya is died because he tried to enter the temple and Pandits denies to attend the funeral that’s why bought another Pandit from other village, let’s start the last rites. Villagers too asks Krishnam Naidu to start the last rites event.

Vishwambari smiles seeing everything through her Darpanam. Sanvi goes to meet her. Vishwambari asks her to enjoy the wonderful scene. Sanvi smiles. Vishwambari says Bhairavi who stopped us like lioness is crying like cat. Sanvi says she is happy with Bhairavi state. Vishwambari says everyone get scared with death. Vishwambari says she won’t get scared of death. Sanvi asks won’t she die. Vishwambari says she came here to win the death.