Naga Bhairavi 18th November 2020 Written Update: Bhairavi lies to Krishnam Naidu

Naga Bhairavi 18th November 2020 Written Update on

The Episode starts with NagArjun asks whether she is also getting his dreams like him. Bhairavi scolds him and cuts the call. NagArjun thinks maybe she is in mood off and let’s call her later.

Veerabhadram Informs to Tantrick that his Bava Krishnam Naidu us searching other matches for her Daughter and If she won’t become daughter in law than their property goes out of my hand. Tantrick says Bhairavi is in our hands, let her get Nidhi from temple than you will be richer than Krishnam Naidu. Veerabhadram says I know you’re fooling me while saying these stories. Tantrick says that’s vasikarana Bandam which I tied to her and she will do according to my orders.

Veerabhadram won’t believe him than Tantrick shows with his magic power his he is controlling Bhairavi like a Robot because of his vasikarana Taweez. Veerabhadram believes Tantrick after seeing everything. Tantrick says they have to use Bhairavi to trace the temple secrets. Veerabhadram agrees.

Kaushalya gives tea to Krishnam Naidu but he denies than Annapurna comes to him Nd advices him to respect Bhairavi opinion and feelings. Krishnam Naidu says she is lying to us, what to know. Annapurna says Bhairavi didn’t like the matches they are seeing and it’s good if we know what kind of person she likes to marry. Krishnam Naidu angrily calls Bhairavi and questions whether she is using her Grandmother to convey her opinion?Did you feel I can’t search proper alliance for you. Annapurna asks her to tell like she told her. Bhairavi says their is nothing to tell, seems like you didn’t heard properly Granny and I didn’t said I don’t like to marry and im ok with Dad choice because he knows what’s best for me. Annapurna gets shocked.

Krishnam Naidu says this is my daughter who knows her Dad very well. Bhairavi says she can marry anyone whom he chooses. Krishnam Naidu feels happy and he ask his mother to never say anything against his daughter to him and leaves.

Bhairavi goes to room. Zarina asks why she changed her words. Bhairavi says she didn’t want to hurt her Dad. Zarina says you’re mad and I’m not understanding what you’re doing. Bhairavi says Dad will get angry and scolds me if I told my actual opinion that’s why I changed my words. Zarina asks what will she do if her Dad arranges her marriage in a week. Bhairavi says he won’t do it before 6 months so I have time to finish my work. Zarina says everytime it won’t happen like you think.

Phanidra asks from where she is coming from. Nagini says she coming from Bhairavi house and tells him that some one tied Taweez to Bhairavi as their plan. Phanidra sats maybe he herself tied it. Nagini says no because it’s Garudabhandam and explains how it throws her away and explains how she tried to make her remove that Taweez. Phanidra says you might be right about Bhairavi condition if it’s Garudabhandam. Nagini says yes it’s possible for Tantricks and I have to know about it because Bhairavi won’t reveal it to us.