Naga Bhairavi 19th February 2021 Written Update: Arjun advises Bhairavi to fulfill Aditya ambition to make him live in everyone’s heart

Naga Bhairavi 19th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanvi says everyone get scared with death. Vishwambari says no because death gets scared seeing me and I came here to win my death. Sanvi says it’s Greediness, don’t dream it. Vishwambari says I’m unlike you and can achieve my dream entering the temple and noone can stop me to win it.

Family members pours water on Aditya body in tears. Bhairavi goes aside from that place. Arjun notice it. Malli goes to Bhairavi and says noone can change fate, console yourself. Arjun goes to them. Bhairavi says I performed every pooja to know about my brother but I didn’t expected this will happen. Arjun says we can’t get him back so console yourself.

Bhairavi asks if God is heartless? I believed that God can do which humans can’t do but its proved wrong, snake proved that my brother is alive placing Kumkum to Vadina and now people are saying same snake killed me, what to believe. Malli asks her to believe what she saw. Bhairavi says I saw the video where my brother died because of knife but here he is dead by snakebite, I’m not understanding what’s happening.

Malli says don’t trust my words but believe that if you doubt your family goddess than its like doubting your brother and snakes who protect temple can never harm anyone without reason. Krishnam Naidu feels dizzy. Villagers supports him. Malli says don’t doubt snakes, I feel someone killed him and your brother is good person and he will live in everyone hearts so let’s him live in that way. Bhairavi leaves in tears. Arjun goes behind her.

Kaushalya cries badly Infront of Aditya photo. Arjun says Bhairavi Garu, you have to support your family, who will console your family if you breaksdown in this way. Bhairavi says our hopes are died than how to console them. Arjun says Ambition is greater than hope, your brother lived for people and lost his life for his Aim, he had hope that you can fulfill his Ambition so fulfill it and make him live in everyone’s heart.

Jalaja says you have your Nephew, don’t cry brother. Veerabhadram says let’s take him in good times otherwise he won’t get peace. Krishna, Bhairavi, Kaushalya and Annapurna cries badly. Everyone places rice in Aditya mouth and takes his blessings holding his feet.