Naga Bhairavi 19th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun founds someone might kidnap Aditya to know a secret from him

Naga Bhairavi 19th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun says your brother might kept this Velayudam at this place. Bhairavi asks how can he tell that her brother placed this Velayudam. Arjun says your brother knows the rules of your village that’s why he kept it here so no-one can remove it and everyone believed that it’s Swayambu otherwise idol and Velayudam can’t be found in different locations and than he shows Velayudam photo from Aditya diary and says you saw this Velayudam at your house so I feel their is some connection between your brother and this Velayudam and I feel he is safe.

Bhairavi asks why he didn’t return if he is safe. Arjun says their must be some reason behind it, your brother is intelligent and brave that’s why he learned the secrets even after knowing it’s risky so someone might kidnapped him to know the secrets he found, your brother didn’t tell you anything even though he loves you so your brother won’t reveal anything to those Kidnappers and those people can’t kill your brother until they found secret from your brother so he’s alive. Bhairavi thanks Arjun for giving life to her belief that her brother is alive and she hugs him happily. Arjun feels happy.

Arjun says you’re trying to reach your brother and in the same way your brother may also tried to reach you, maybe your feeling that your brother came for you is right and kidnappers might take him from home before you see them. Bhairavi asks what’s he thinking. Arjun says we have found the reason why your brother Kept this Velayudam at this place and he leaves to home with Bhairavi.

Vishwambari questions lord Kalima what’s the need of powers gained from her when those are not useful and tried to kill herself than lord Kalima stops her saying suicide is crime. Vishwambari says tell me what I need to achieve with this life, you didn’t gave me Nithya yavanam plus your son stopping my trials to get it and I won’t kill myself, will you give me what I needed. Kalimaa says she can’t give any boon against Chakra, you want to be Chiranjeevi for your selfishness to rule this world that’s why your dream won’t get fulfilled. Vishwambari gets angry and announces that she won’t accept defeat and will achieve it from other way.

Masked men opens Aditya ropes, Aditya questions where they are taking him. Masked men takes him to Sam. Sanvi says hello, how are you Aditya, you didn’t reveal anything to me from 2years saying that lord Subramanya will see it and she shows him the Subramanya idol found in Nagavaram in laptop and asks why this idol is not having Velayudam.

Aditya says he don’t know. Sam says expected answer and I may get Velayudam in Nagavaram only, you’re Brilliant so you might kept that Velayudam in West side. Aditya looks shocked. Sam says i found it that thing I’m searching for will be near Velayudam. Aditya smiles at her and says hatsoff to your intelligence and people believe that it’s Swayambu and in 2more says it’s Subramanya sasty and people will kill you if you touch that Velayudam.