Naga Bhairavi 1st April 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi decides to help Arjun to get Nagmani from the temple

Naga Bhairavi 1st April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with NagRaj can’t trace Phanidra and Nagini location with his powers than he says some evil power might locked them in Bandanam. NagRani asks can’t they release their kids from that evil power. NagRaj says first we have to know what’s that evil power to save our Nagini and Phanidra. NagRani cries saying she can’t bear if something happens to her daughter. NagRaj consoles her saying nothing will happen to their daughter. Veerabhadram calls his Men and asks them to be careful with Aditya. His men agrees.

At hospital Sanvi and Sarath sits near Shakuntala bed. Nurse leaves after giving injection to Shakuntala. Sarath feels bad and cries seeing Shakuntala unconscious state. Sanvi goes out and thinks that Veerabhadram took Aditya from me, what if Aditya gets escaped from him than I have to stand like culprit Infront of my family and she thinks where Veerabhadram might hided Aditya. Veerabhadram men makes Aditya drinks the water. Sanvi calls someone and tells her plan to them than she thinks now she can found the location of Aditya.

Bhairavi feels bad thinking how she make Arjun leave from home. Jalaja calls Rudra and show him the Mangalsutra he have to tie to Bhairavi on their marriage day. Bhairavi looks on. Rudra says Bhairavi noone can separate us once we get married. Jalaja says true, Bhairavi is going to be srimati from tomorrow onwards. Bhairavi goes to her room. Rudra says why she left without saying anything. Jalaja says she is shy.

Rudra dashes with Kaushalya and mangalsutra fell down from his hand. Jalaja gets angry and scolds Kaushalya. Kaushalya says it happened by mistake. Jalaja slaps Kaushalya. Bhairavi witnesses Everything and Questions Jalaja how dare she to slap her sister in law. Bujji tries to bite Jalaja hand. Jalaja throws him. Annapurna questions how can she raise hand at Kaushalya. Jalaja says she make Mangalsutra fell down and she must stay away from functions because she is widow. Bhairavi slaps Jalaja and says how dare you to say my sister in law is widow, my brother is alive. Annapurna asks if it’s true that Aditya is alive. Bhairavi looks on. Veerabhadram comes to them and manages saying Bhairavi meant her Brother is alive in everyone’s heart, he asks everyone to sleep. Annapurna and Kaushalya goes with Bujji. Veerabhadram says don’t reveal truth to anyone otherwise your brother will be dead. Bhairavi says it got revealed by mistake so sorry. Veerabhadram asks her to be careful. Bhairavi goes inside.

Jalaja says Bhairavi slapped me. Veerabhadram says took revenge from her once she is married to your son and he goes out. Bhairavi thinks about Arjun decision to enter temple for his Mom and she thinks it’s her responsibility to save her Mom in law, she goes out and informs to Kaushalya that Arjun is entering temple to get Nagmani for Shakuntala atta health and I want to go with him so manage at home. Kaushalya tries to stop her but Bhairavi goes without listening her words.

Precap – Arjun and Bhairavi tries to enter temple.