Naga Bhairavi 1st December 2020 Written Update: Rajamma soul enters to Sodamma body for Bhairavi

Naga Bhairavi 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhairavi blames Krishnam Naidu for Sundaram death saying he might have not dead if we listen to him. Kaushalya tries to stop her. Bhairavi says why they always stop her. Krishnam Naidu asks won’t her education teach her to learn about their pain?

 I can’t learn truths because you will be dead like him and everyone can face same situation who tries to know about Temple and I can’t loose you too so from today onwards you can’t go outside otherwise you will face my wrath. Bhairavi thinks to bring her brother back for her Dad.

Annapurna asks Lord Shiva to change Bhairavi.  Rajamma ( Ramya Krishna) power enters to Sodamma and she goes inside to Bhairavi house saying she will tell the past, present,future of everyone. Annapurna and her to tell them about her Granddaughter and she calls Bhairavi. Bhairavi comes to them.

Sodamma sees her. Annapurna asks her to tell about Bhairavi Jathakam. Bhairavi says it’s trash and asks Sodamma to leave. Jalaja says they tell us future and they might have powers too. Bhairavi asks them to build temple if they have powers. Sodamma stops Bhairavi And tells you’re waiting and searching for your brother and your family will get good name because of you and your heart is good. Jalaja says everything is correct.

Sodamma says don’t misunderstood Bhairavi, she born with Lord Shiva and Nagamma blessings and don’t see my heir normally. Bhairavi asks why she is addressing her as her heir. Sodamma says I’m devotee of Lord shiva and I mean you’re heiress of God and Bhairavi will shine with time. Annapurna asks about Bhairavi marriage. Bhairavi gets angry.

 Sodamma says Bhairavi had Nagadosham so make her offer milk to Nagamma on Chaviti day and give Tambulam to 5members than everything will be fine. Bhairavi leaves saying she won’t believe all these things. Annapurna says this is my Granddaughter and how to make her do this. Sodamma sees NagArjun from window and says Bhairavi will do it if they make her interested one tell her and leaves. Rajamma leaves from Sodamma body.

Bhairavi searches for her brother diary and she get it in his cupboard. Bhairavi started reading his diary and he wrote how much he love Bhairavi, how he avoided his promotion to spend time with his sister. Kaushalya gets shocked seeing Bhairavi is reading Aditya diary and she takes it from her and asks why she taken it.

Bhairavi says Sundaram told me about this diary so to know about my brother I need this diary. Kaushalya asks Bhairavi to leave everything but Bhairavi asks her to give diary but Kaushalya locks it in cupboard and says she dont want to loose her like her husband.