Naga Bhairavi 1st February 2021 Written Update: Malli regains her Nagini power with lord Shiva blessings

Naga Bhairavi 1st February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun notices his Mom photo in Krishnam Naidu room, he hides it in his pocket seeing Krishna and he cleans Bhairavi wound and tells to family members that it will heal very soon. That time Doctor enters to home and he checks Bhairavi condition and asks how it happened. Kaushalya tells she is injured by wall. Doctor gives her injection and tells to family members nothing to worry and leaves prescribing medicines.

Krishnam Naidu sits near Bhairavi in tears. Jalaja says seems like injection is not working. Annapurna takes Disti of Bhairavi. Kaushalya transfers things Joli to plate, rings fell in Plate along with Rice and fruits, Annapurna asks Kaushalya to leave it saying Bhairavi will separate things by herself. Annapurna wakesup Bhairavi and asks if she needs coffee. Bhairavi says she is having body aches and head pain. Annapurna says Malli will do best massage and she calls Malli to massage Bhairavi head and she goes to get coffee. Kaushalya goes to kitchen to Help Annapurna.

Arjun sees his Mom pic and thinks why it’s in Krishnam Naidu house, did they know eachother? He thinks Mom is coming near Anthill of Nagavaram every year so she knows these people, I must get to know how they are related calling Mom. He calls his Mom but cuts it thinking his Mom may not reveal to him.

Malli prays lord Shiva to heal Bhairavi quickly. Lord Shiva gives her power back and Malli realises her Saap time is ended and she thanks the god. Annapurna calls Malli, then she goes out. Veerabhadram signs paa pa seeing Malli. Jalaja don’t understand his signs. Malli places her hand on Bhairavi head and Bhairavi feels jerk and she gets cured completely with Malli powers.

Bhairavi wakesup normally and calls her Dad. Malli smiles. Krishna asks what happened. Bhairavi happily says her wounds and pain is gone. Bhairavi says Malli what you did to me. Malli thinks it’s because of her power than she says God only cured her seeing her prayers. Bhairavi thanks her. Jalaja says injection might be working, why are you praising Malli. Annapurna dvds Jalaja. That time snake enters through window.

Krishna says he is happy to see his daughter recovery. Kaushalya asks Bhairavi to sleep quickly because they needs to wake up early for Pooja. She agrees. Than Zarina sees snake and tells it to family. Everyone notices snake in their house.