Naga Bhairavi 1st June 2021 Written Update: Family members feel happy seeing their Bhairavi

Naga Bhairavi 1st June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Annapurna places Doll near Anthill in tears and everyone prays Nagamma to save their Bhairavi. Nagamma comesout from Anthill which makes everyone happy. Shivudu smiles. Nagamma goes Bhairavi doll. Maya says Nagamma can’t change doll to Bhairavu. Lord Shiva helps Nagamma and she breaks Maya spell on Bhairavi which makes Bhairavi gains her human form. Maya gets shocked and thinks how it happens. Arjun and family members feels happy seeing their Bhairavi. Arjun happily hugs Bhairavi which hurts Maya. Bhairavi says she didn’t expected that she will see him again than they prays to Nagamma.


Maya thinks about their past birth how she fell in love with Arjun seeing his handsome looks, courage and power and she wishes to marry him but Arjun gets attracted towards Bhairavi and to save him from snakes, Bhairavi ran with Arjun and they fell down from waterfall’s.

At present Maya says she can’t bear if Arjun marries another girl. Shivayya says they have Nagamma blessings, hope you understood that you can’t harm them, you boosted your power and told me that noone can change doll to Bhairavi but Nagamma proved you wrong. Maya says don’t think that I will stay silent. Shivayya thinks Maya who didn’t go.

Bhairavi hugs her brother and tells him that she knows how much pain he went through. Aditya says his heart may stopped if she couldn’t reform to human form. Annapurna calls Bhairavi. Bhairavi tells them their prayers saved her. Annapurna thanks Nagamma. Arjun and Aditya too thanks Nagamma for saving their Arjun. Kaushalya says you gave promise to us saying you will get Mangalsutra before marriage, make it happen Nagamma. Nagamma tells them I will fulfill my promise otherwise I will burn myself like I promised so don’t worry, Arjun will get married to Bhairavi. Everyone leaves to home.

Maya says she won’t leave the people who break their promise to her. Shivayya asks why her ego didn’t reduced. Peddireddy sees Shivayya and thinks why he is digging pit but he leaves from that place. Maya tells to Nagamma that she did wrong by giving blessings to Arjun and Bhairavi and tells her that she have to face the consequences. Nagini comes to Maya and says you did wrong not me. Maya says don’t dream that they will get married because I won’t let their Marriage happen.

Episode ends.