Naga Bhairavi 21st January 2021 Written Update: Sam meets Vishvambari to break Mantra Shakti near Velayudam

Naga Bhairavi 21st January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun says that Man is protecting Velayudam from his Mantra Shakti so it’s better if we leave from here. Bhairavi agress and they goes to home. Malli says we saw with our eyes that someone is protecting Velayudam so I’m going Bava. Phanidra agress and they leaves. Sam won’t believe Aditya words saying that fire magic is science and she goes with her Men. Her two men tries to enter but they gets burned. Sam gets shocked and goes back. Aditya smiles and says my Shankara came here and does his job so you can’t enter. Sam thinks I didn’t saw anyone except fire so it can be Mantra Shakti so its better to take witch help.

Sam meets Vishvambari and tells her about what happens at Velayudam place and she is sbout to show the video she shot but that video is not visible. Vishvambari says it can be Mantra Shakti that’s why not visible in your phone so she tries to view it in her Anjanam but It won’t work. Sam mocks Vishwambari saying her powers are useless. Vishvambari says don’t mock me, what you saw is not fire i.e powerful upasana so I must see in Anjanam at sunrise time and she sits Meditation to get power to see what happened near Velayudam place.

Bhairavi thinks they couldn’t found what’s hidden under Velayudam, who’s that powerful person and how to found my brother? I’m unable to understand what to do. Arjun thinks after Vigraha pratistapana we can’t know what’s under it so we have to do something to found it before Vigraha pratistapana. Aditya feels happy thinking Noone knows the secret once Pratistapana is done than those secrets wont get leaked. Phanidra thinks what is that fire emits near Velayudam.

Next morning Arjun gets his Mom call and he asks why she called him in the early morning. Shakuntala says her god and Pooja’s are not saving her from wheel chair and sometimes I feel why I’m living this life because I’m dependent on others and useless. Arjun says Mom, don’t feel bad because we can’t stay peaceful seeing your pain, I will definitely found medicine to cure your condition so don’t feel bad. Shakuntala Apologizes to him for hurting him. Arjun says don’t apologise me Mom, you will get cured very soon. Shakuntala thanks him for raising hope in her. Arjun thinks they can break Mantra Shakti near Velayudam with another Mantra help.

Arjun and Bhairavi goes to Poojari Sastry house. Poojari asks if Krishnam Naidu send them. Bhairavi says no, I want to talk with you because I got to know your son is missing along with my brother when you’re talking with Dad. Poojari says yes, he is gone 2years back and it’s tough to forget him because he is single son to us. Bhairavi says we saw him last night right. Arjun says let’s listen what they will say. Bhairavi apologies to them for reminding about their son and asks them what happened. Poojari says my son and your brother are best friends and they want to do something to this village and seeing their confidence we thought they can achieve it but our hopes are evaporated. Bhairavi says they can return to us. Poojari asks how will dead person with return. Bhairavi and Arjun sees Poojari son Photo with garland.

Precap – Arjun and Bhairavi breaks Mantra Shakti and they gets some book under Velayudam.